Phil's Towing Inc. Oakville / towed my car by laying a trap and then charged $ almost $350 as ransom money to release car

1 330 SOUTH SVC RD, Oakville, ON, Canada

These guys are crooks...they tow your car and hold it at ransom. Here is the plot they did-
1. Pkg lot at 157 cross avenue Oakville was lit badly on purpose and no parking sign was made to fall so its hidden.
2. Phils towing comes to grab the prey car and towe it away.
3. They then charged me $350 to get back my car 15 mins after towing...the driver had not even offloaded the car in the towers lot few km away when I reached to get back the car.

The driver Ed and owner Mike Allen were rude and did not release the car that was trapped as a prey with a con game from the owner at 157 Cross Ave, Oakville.

Phil's Towing Inc. Oakville

Dec 03, 2018

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