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Phil Long Ford / 2007 Ford Focus ST / Ford service and warranty problems

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I worked as a salesman for a few months at the beginning of 2007 for Phil Long Ford, Motor City, in Colorado Springs, CO. While working there I purchased a brand new 2007 Ford Focus ST. The car had less than 1000 miles on it and I was driving to the lot one night to update our inventory so that i would know how to direct customers to a particular product if need be. I was upset and crying while driving, my wife had just left me the day before; shortly after getting out of the Army and serving 2 tours in Iraq. I was within a mile of the dealership and felt a bump. I thought I had hit a pothole in the road. Within minutes thereafter my car stalled. I restarted the engine and began to proceed towards the dealership. It stalled a couple more times before reaching the service department area where I parked the car, left a note on the windshield that there was a problem and then called a cab to come and pick me up. Come to find out, I had ran over a small object such as an animal or roadcone and punctured the radiator. The car sat o the lot for a few weeks before my insurance adjuster came out and looked at it. He gave me a quote, I had the car towed to a mechanic who replaced the radiator with an aftermarket one. The car seemed to be fine except for the fact that the check engine light would come on and go off periodically. I took the car back to the dealership the week before last and they charged me for a diagnostic test because they said it was my fault. They said that there must be an exaust leak in the cylinder head getting into the coolant causing the problem and the car was miss firing on cylynders 2,3,&4. They said that the car needed a new head and gave me an estimate of $3,000. I carried the car back to the mechanic who replced the radiator, he did a compression test on the cylinder head and said there was no leak. He replaced the spark pluges and put a genuine ford part thermostat on the car. He test drove the car for over 100 miles and said it was running fine. I got the car back from him Saturday October 13th, drove it less than 40 miles and now the check engine light is back on. The mechanic at ford who was in charge of the diagnostic test reported to my insurance company that it was my fault so they said they wouldn't pay. If I go and have the check engine light turned off Phil Long's service department will charge me again. The problem is that I have a 2007 Ford Focus that has engine problems and I feel I have nowhere to turn. The car has less than 8,000 miles on it and I am very displeased with Ford. My wife and I have 4 vehicles, all fords and I am beginning to feel uncomfortable about owning a ford. I feel that they should fix my car, hassle free and it is that simple. I need the car for transportation to and from work, doctor's visits, and to take care of my family. I am a disabled Iraqi war veteran and feel cheated. I am to the point that I am considering taking this complaint to the highest level necessary in order to get the problem fixed. My check engine light may go off tomorrow and come back on again. I can't afford to keep renting cars while mine is in the shop being worked on as if it were some great mystery. I want my car fixed. Had I known that I had hit an object and continued to drive it I would consider that negligence on my behalf but that was not the case. I only drove it less than a mile after hitting what I thought was a pothole in the road. I demand that something be done to solve this problem whether it be give me another car or fix the one I have. I don't feel I should be spending anymore of my own money on diagnostic test or repairs. If ford is willing to solve this problem I will be satisfied, if not, I will tell my experience to everyone I know. Someone please assist me in getting my car problem resolved.

Steven Lamonds

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  • Lo
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    The idea behind on-board computer diagnostic is to identify the problem so that repairs can be quicker and more efficient. Computer generated codes help the machanic to identify the problem, reducing time and cost. Why charge the car-owner extra for this information. Is this a problem in itself?

  • Ru
      28th of May, 2008
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    First off, why would you take your Ford to an outside mechanic? You get 1st class service and Ford authorized trained service techs when you go to Ford. You also stated that you had 4 Fords, so why would you need to rent a car when you have three others? I find it very hard to believe that your car sustained that much damage by running over a "roadcone" or small animal. If you were "crying" while you were driving, that doesn't say much for your driving skills, especially not knowing what you drove over. It sounds like you don't work there any longer. I bet you didn't complain when you got a great deal on your new car because you worked there. It also doesn't sound like you allowed Phil Long Ford the chance to fix or take care of your car until your outside mechanic had completly run out of ways to "fix" it. Why aren't you going after him? Probably because he is not accountable for his repairs. So don't hold Phil Long Ford accountable for your misjudgements and poor driving. Do the right thing next time and bring it to the professionals, and quit your whinning about how pittiful you are. We all have our problems. Your wife leaving you and your crying and your doctors appointments have nothing to do with Phil Long fixing your car. Bring your car into an authorized Ford Dealer and let them fix your car the right way. Phil Long Ford has the latest equipment and best techs around.

  • Mi
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    "First of all" Why would you take your car to Phil Long, everyone in town knows that they will ALWAYS overcharge you for any service that you "need", they charge you a $100 bucks just to drive in the door. Just try bringing you vehicle in for a oil change, you'll walk out thinking you need a $1000 in repairs. PHIL LONG JUST PLAIN SUCKS!!

  • En
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    Rusty you are a real pile. I would bet you worked for Phil Long but no longer becouse they do not keep employees very long becouse they screw them too. I have talked to dozens of peole and have heard nothing but bad about phil long except Rusty defender of ###. Phil long Ford sucks and every one in town that has dealt with them knows this. I just got a quote from Phil long Saturn SORRY I meant My Phil Long Saturn they had to change there name because they got caught committing fraud. Any way the sway bar just broke on my Saturn and Phil Long wants $430 to fix one. Fire Stone was $360 for both and brake plus did both for $110. They had the job done in less then an hour. The sway bars were under $50 a piece. Sway bars are not supposed to just brake. I called GM and complained about Phil long and they called Phil long and the service manager lied and said I never brought the car in. I had proof and I proved to Saturn that I had brought the car in and then gm told me they have no control over there dealers and that they could charge any amount that they want and as many hours as they want. I thought shops where suppose to go out of a standard book that told how many hours a job takes. So now I know why GM is going under. Because they allow dirt bags like the Cimino family to sell cars. I also have a F250 power stroke. I went through 3 alternators in 40, 000 mile. Phil long replaces the first one under warranty and one battery. The second alternator went out a year in half later out of the warranty Time not miles. I was on the road and had to replace it from car quest. Less then a year later It started to go out again and I took it in to Phil long because I have never heard of a car or truck going through alternators every 12, 000 miles and had to be brought in for a major recall going back like 10 years cam sensor. The service manage said that could happen. I asked him is that because he did not replace both batteries at once? He said that would not cause this to happen. Well every expert I have talked to said that you are suppose to replace both batteries at once and Phil long did not do that on the first alternator they just replaced one battery. I told Phil long that I already had a replacement from car quest and I just want to figure out way this was happening. He then told me He would have to charge me $100s of dollars and refused to put the car quest alternator on the truck. So I did it my self and replace both batteries and now I have not had a problem since. Mike Cimino is a con man and a coward. I have asked several time for him to give me a call but he does not have the balls to give me a call and explain the behavor of there service managers and how they could be 8 times higher in price then another shop. Some peolpe like Rusty will claim better parts and better mechanics. Well if the sway bars brake every 60, 000 mile I will take the cheap ones. I will also take a michanic that can replace a sway bar in under a hour then one that takes 3 to 4 hr. It is only 2 bolts. PHIL LONG AND THE CIMINOS FAMILY ARE CROOKS PERIOD.

  • Ds
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    First off, sway bars do not break, they are made of soild steel bar. The bushings get worn and need to be replaced, unless you hit an object
    in the road that was huge and soild, you might bend the sway bar, and or rip the bolts and bushings off the chassis. Second, replacing
    an alternator that many times, in such a small amount of miles, leads me to question the mechanical ability of the mechanic. There is
    obviously an electrical problem with the truck, not the alternators, that's causing the new one's to keep crapping out. My wife has 90K
    on her Jeep Liberty and the same OEM alternator. It does sound like that dealership has a bunch of crooked "Mobsters" working there.LOL.
    Steven should have taken his Focus to the Ford Dealer, even though they are crooks, when he first hit whatever he hit. He should have
    had the car towed ASAP, once it shut off the first time, not keep driving it and damage the engine. It's his fault for taking it to any
    mechanic, other than a Ford Dealer. The dealer's will screw you "royaly", if they hear you took your Ford to any mechanic but a Ford
    one. You people need to stop bashing disabled vets, no matter if it's their fault or not. Show some respect for a change.

  • Ba
      18th of Feb, 2010
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    I have a similar problem with Koons Ford In Falls Church. They claim that we have not maintained the service checks and will not fix my Focus under the ESP program. They are the most arrogant technicians I have every met. I believe the feds might want to take a look at the ford Focus engines. I think they might find another Ford Pinto issue at hand. Why are they only raising hell with Toyota. I have owned only Fords for over forty years and now I am worried about buying anything from Koons or Ford

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