Phi Phi Twin Palms BungalowBehavior and management of personnel

Dear All,

Firstly I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read this and for the work you are putting in order to make your country a more famous touristic destination than already it is.

I am writing you this email so I will let you know regarding the incident that happened today while I tried to reach one of the hotels at Koh Phi Phi.

I made my booking (20/01/17 - 26/01/2017) through, a distribution channel that I know very well. (booking number [protected], see attached) While I made the booking confirmed to me back with an email and on my booking page on my account that my booking is confirmed and that I will pay at the hotel upon arrival normally, thing that I have done in the past several times.

Me and my wife arrived at the Hotel around 13:00, the reception was not aware for our arrival, they asked me to forward them my booking voucher, which I had it in my email so I just did it. Obviously there was not the room we booked to wait for us, we were overbooked for what we booked, so the receptionist showed us two other type than the one we booked and told us this is it. With us at the reception was one family of two children facing similar problem with their booking through

So I discussed it with my wife 5-10 minutes, to see our options and what to do not to spoil our holidays to the famous Phi Phi islands, when we decided to take one offer from the two, the receptionist told me that the room he showed me 15 minutes ago was not available because he gave it to other Guests, after trying to discuss with him he started being ironic and speaking in his language. I am professional in tourism and hospitality industry and I couldn't believe that I was facing this behaviour in a situation like this one.

The personnel of the hotel was extremely rude, when I wanted to speak with the hotel manager I got as an answer back "the manager is busy", so according to the receptionist the manager of this hotel was too busy to speak with the guests that booked to this hotel, this is unacceptable in 2017!

The receptionist told me as well that my booking was not paid and its not his problem I didn't pay, I tried to explain him, but after I felt it does not worth he is not going to understand, I have a confirmation that I am allowed to pay at the hotel from

I wait for your procedures to check this Hotel and I fully remain at your disposal for any further queries.

Kind regards,
Giannis Giakoumakis

Jan 20, 2017

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