PG glass autolate /poor service

Good day.

To start with I lodge a claim with my insurance company to replace the back window on my vehicle17th March 2016. My insurance company said PG Glass will handle the claim for me and will be in contact. needless to say between me and my wife we have been phoning endlessly to get a reply from PG in Boksburg.

First they told me that the window will take 2 working days from the 17th March 2016 to be delivered then installation will be arranged. it is now 24th March 2016. I complained by my insurance company after phoning PG without answer and this was not the first time I had no one answer.

Pg said the window was received Yesterday but for some reason never booked in on the system. Regardless of this I want my window installed and arranged for them to do installation today but for some reason I realized they never asked for my address. Once again I had to phone back half and hour before installation to give them my address, time was ticking and nobody was phoning to confirm an address, PG glass just assumed that my home address will do. Now is there no one to manage the process. I can bet you if I waited until they where supposed to be there my window would not be in today( they not here yet) .

To be honest if this is how a business is managed then my insurance company (out surance) needs to wake up and find another supplier.

Mar 24, 2016

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