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Hi all I also live in Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa and got the following SMS.
From: +[protected]
Time: 19 April 2010 0:47
Congratulations! You have won the sum of R980, 000. Your number was among the lucky winners randomly selected in P.F.I AWARD held in London UK. With REF:CONT30K call ''Robert Mandelson''@ [protected] btw 8.30am-5.30pm S.A time to register and cover your winning.Warning! secure your winning informations from any third party adhering it, nor allowing them to see your reference number for security reasons, to avoid any fraudulent ''ACT'' or ''ABUSE'' of the right of this PROMO and claiming your sum. terms and Conditions apply.
This was the 1st SMS so I phoned this Robert and he in a professional way told me to phone back in 5 mins so he could verify my ref no. Which this I did. The funny thing is that I didn't participate in any competition in London. He then said that I had two choices to collect my winnings either go to London or have it couriered to me. I told him to courier it. He then needed a copy of my ID, deliver address and cell no so that he could notify PFI AWARD. Later that day I received this SMS.
From: +[protected]
Time: 19 April 2010 21:15
Your winning cheque for R980, 000.00 has been issued on your name and ready for delivery.Contact Robert Mandelson for courier arrangements.
When I phoned the second time I was told to pay £250.00 to have it couriered. When I asked why I have to pay this when I have won the money he just kept on telling it's to courier it. He even suggest that I loan the money to do this.
This is interesting go see

P.F.I awards in London U.K.

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  • Ra
      13th of Mar, 2011

    Hi @ all,
    about +442032892491

    it's a skype connection and
    it's a sms sendet with skype. better: with an unspecified skype account.
    i've found it with good luck:
    i'm located in Germany.
    i've sendet a sms with my skype to my friend downstairs.
    I was logged in on a apple Macbook owned by a friend with his mobile stick and sim card. the installed skype is not specified.
    on my home computer skype send my real mobile number, because i've changed it long ago.
    but here it sends +442032892491.
    my friend shows it some minutes later.
    I'm sure, most of senders are friends of you, using skype for sms.
    If a skype user doesn't change his sms preferences, it will always show this number.
    that's the way for all bad guys...
    the message for all skype users is:
    1. check your skype account, when you use sms.
    2. if you change the computer...
    3. change your preferences on skype too (by using sms)
    4. or tell your name at the end off the message
    Good luck @ all

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