Petz Enterprises / Delayed Tax Refund

1 Tracy, CA, United States

Taxpayers used TaxBrain to file their taxes on 1/15/2010 and receive refunds by 1/29/2010. Up to 5 days later the I.R.S informed taxpayers that there was a different bank routing number used for our returns, and it would take up to 6-8 weeks to receive a paper check vs. direct deposit.

TaxBrain has been rude to consumers, using the spin that it was human error. We cannot get a clear answer when we call and/or chat with representatives. People suffering extreme hardships are the ones who pay up to 300% markup of services to receive our tax refund early. The prospect of another 4-8 weeks will place many of us beyond dire straits: we will have services disconnected, be evicted, and all the other hardships suffered without money. This company shows no concern for their clientele and the profit they make from us, and worse, they show that they operate with no contingency plan.

Because of the the RESPONSE to the crisis, not the HUMAN ERROR, I will not use the services of TAXBRAIN again and will suggest the same to those ready to file taxes.


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