PetSmart / management

Bolingbrook, IL, United States

I arrived at the 1102 Bolingbrook Petsmart at approx 850AM. I made an error thinking the store opened at 8. I came in, grabbed 3 bones, and asked a lady walking out of the office if I could check out. She referred to the manager, Kendell, who was sitting in the office. I walked up and she said I had to wait 10 min. I told her I was an employee at another store, which she already knew. She said she wouldn't help me until 9. She said she just wasted 10 min of her time helping someone else, and if she wastes her time helping me, then she will have to waste her time helping someone else if they come in before 9. Not to mention there was another woman standing there who was available. My issue is not that I couldn't purchase my items. My issue is a manager talking about helping a customer as wasting her time. I used to work in the grooming salon and saw customers quite frequently come in early thinking the store was open bc grooming was open. Never once did I see another manager say something that rude to a customer. I would hope she wouldn't say that to a customer, but talking to me like that and referring to helping people as wasting her time is completely unprofessional whether she knows I'm an employee or a customer. I live down the street and I will never purchase from that store again.

May 17, 2017

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