PetSmart / cat adoption area where cats are housed

I am so upset with your store at 3939 S Arizona Ave Chandler, Az I am beside myself! I was in your store today 11/11/16 and there was a woman cleaning in the area where the cats are housed to be adopted and she was spraying cleaner and leaving it sit on the surface of the cubicles while cleaning other things with all 4 or 5 cats in there while she was cleaning breathing in the chemical she was using!!! Is this standard practice with your companies policy on how to treat pets??? This is absurd, these cats are trapped in an inclosure with no way to escape the toxic chemical being sprayed!! You need to change this practice, its unhealthy and abusive! I can't believe you hire managers that don't have the common sense to instruct their employees not to spray chemicals around the cats/dogs!!! I am posting this to facebook this is cruel and abusive practice!! You need to do something about training your employees properly, this is unacceptable!!

Nov 11, 2016

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