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this woman sits at home all day long flagging people for selling pets on craigslist..all the while posting ad's on petfinder herself asking $200.00 for pets she claims she rescues.. only thing is she doesnt rescue. she gets animals for free or for under $50.00 and tells people they are going to a forever home. even takes family along to scam old people. then she really resells them as "rescues". be VERY VERY AWARE.. SHE IS NOT WHOM SHE SEEMS, and more than one stolen or lost pets have been found posted as for sale by her.


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  • Be
      Nov 22, 2008
    pets - same emails - different names
    Corpus Christi
    United States

    I posted an ad for a Bassett Hound I found who needed a good home. Immediately, I began receiving poorly-written emails - obviously from someone from another country - wanting to BUY the pet - all with sad stories, etc. First of all, WHY would anyone be so interested in getting a pet from TEXAS all the way to California or even out of the country! Secondly, the emails were almost the same - the numerous misspellings and grammatical errors were the same!

    The were from:

    James Farrell
    Dr. Henry Moore
    Dr. Joyce
    Jerry Morgan
    Frederic Joel
    James William

    A few of the emails wanted detailed, personal information as to where they could send the money to buy the pet. Perhaps trying to get enough information for identify theft? Who knows. I finally responded to ALL of them in one email and told them I was going to file a complaint. Is there any way can monitor scams - or whatever this is?

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  • De
      Sep 07, 2009

    my name is vera and i am 76 years old. i was going in for heart surgery and posted my beloved pekignese on craigslist for rehoming. due to illness.she contacted me and her and 2 kids showed up to see him. they told me they were looking for a family pet and promised me romeo would be with them forever. my neighbor told me 1 week later that he seen him on petfinders and saved the link for me. sure enough when i checked there he was posted as arescue for $200.00.. he wasnt rescued, i had over 30 applicants for him, many of whom would of been a wonderful forever home to him.. she just seen a way to take advantage of a old sick senior citizen for profit and used her kids to get the job done.. and yes that pick is of her. she said her name was barbie

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  • Ju
      Sep 07, 2009

    we live 1 block over from her and she knows us and our pets. one day we went out to find our dog had been swiped from the yard. someone had actually undone her collar and left it on the ground opened. it did not slip off her neck. the VERY NEXT DAY. she was for sale on pet finders for $250.00 as a rescue who had to be nursed back to health from abuse, we called police and they sent aniaml control over to scan her, becasuse she is micro-chipped, animal control brought her back to us and now the police are investigating her for a ring of missing animals. many stolen animals were found with her that day. they all had chips and she never even checked them out. just sold them for quick cash

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  • Di
      Sep 07, 2009

    she and her husband have been caught and are being investigated for having sex with animals...its all on video tape

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  • Ve
      Sep 08, 2009

    thank you i did not as i had a stroke after surgery and have been in a nuring home most of the recovering well but it will be a few months till i get home fully..

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  • Rm
      Nov 25, 2012
    pets - Scammers
    United States

    Hyacinth Macaw Birds For Free Re Homing To Any Loving HOME TEXT AT [protected]

    I have two male and female macaw birds for adoption to caring homes .My birds are home and well trained, vet checked, have had all shots till date and will come along with all health Papers showing proof of their health Status.Hit for more and also include your cell for more.Thanks
    Hyacinth Macaw Birds For Free Re Homing To Any Loving HOME TEXT AT [protected]************************
    *********************THEY ARE DOING THIS WITH ALL TYPES OF ANIMALS (IE: MULTIPLE SPECIES OF birds, dogs (PUPPIES), cats(KITTENS). BEWARE!! They have been told I know and now are threatening myself and my family!! Pay attention to this!
    They use the above number and 3 or 4 more and also act as the shipping agency. They draw you in by saying their child was killed ( Jenner or other names and such excuses as they moved, new job, family issues, health issues and so forth and so on!) and no longer want to look at the animals! They have inundated this ad posting site today with many many ads thinking the authorities are not involved. This because NO ONE reports them! I have. Please do not be scammed! I was one of a lucky few who kept asking question after question and caught on! I hope this site will delete all of their posts and will become more diligent in catching on to this before letting the ads be posted!

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  •   Nov 25, 2012

    You should be more diligent about protecting your personal contact information. Using your email addy as your nic on a public website is not a good idea.

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  • Ya
      Jun 24, 2013
    pets - money
    United States

    before i start i advice every one stay of this company because threat always time by deleted your profile and rip you off in VIP as example because their delivery for items not work good and and can target you any time and you can not go any where with them like and basically focus on your money.and you can not have freedm speech and and can make fules allgatians aginest you and come from india and buttom line stay way from this site.i tried get out with refund but not work with them and real i stressed out and i am not happy at all.

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  •   Sep 19, 2013

    Hello I have been playing pets from the start and the game has changed from fun to not fair.
    They wont give back a refund If u are deleted and u have a VIP its written in their TOS.

    U got to beware in that website they will delete u without even giving u notice. they are not a good website

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