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(This is a letter that I actually sent to Petland following my visit. After reading several other complaints, I now see that I am considered F.O.S. (full of ###) because I went in to the store in shorts and a t-shirt instead of my evening gown. Wow...)
Today (8/6), I visited the Petland store in Georgetown. While I've been considering adding another pet to our family for a while now, I'll admit that I did not go in with the intention of walking out the door with a puppy unless one absolutely stole my heart. I've visited this store several times in the past and almost bought a Yorkie two months ago. Unfortunately, the little guy sold before I had a chance to take my husband back to see him. Today, however, I saw the cutest English bulldog pup and wanted to "visit" with the pup to see how he was disposition-wise, etc. Since no one had even acknowledged my friend's and my presence in the store in the ten or so minutes we'd been in there, I walked up to a gentleman I saw across the store (possibly the manager?) whose name I regret not catching, and asked if I might see the bulldog. He replied with, "You want to see the English bulldog?" So I said, "Yes sir." He replied curtly and almost incredulously, "To play with it?" At this point, I began wondering what I had done wrong to elicit his short-tempered response. I replied, "Uhmm, yes sir?" to which he rudely replied, "That dog is $3500. You don't want to buy it. Lady, I sell dogs here. They aren't to "play" with." And with that, he turned on his heel and walked away from me. How dare this man assume that I could not or would not pay $3500 for a dog!? My Yorkie was not exactly "cheap, " and he's the most precious thing ever! Also, I would like to know how many people decide to purchase a pet from Petland without first physically meeting the dog to see how it responds to him or her? I was blown away by both this man's tone of voice and attitude with me. I have never met someone that rude. I am surprised that Petland can stay in business with that kind of customer service. I will NOT be purchasing a pet - or any supplies - from Petland EVER again, and rest assured that I will let everyone I can know about my horrific experience with your store.

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  • Po
      Aug 07, 2010

    A better reason NOT to shop at Petland... they sell puppies from puppy mills. When you buy a dog at Petland or any other puppy store, you are supporting animal cruelty. Please google Petland and puppy mills before walking in this store. I'll bet what you find will change your mind about wanting to buy a puppy in a pet store.

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  • Ah
      Mar 26, 2011

    November and December 2009 I was looking at buying a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from the Georgetown, Texas Petland store.I came in about three times to look at the females available. I had my eye on one tri-colored female which had a round blush mark on her face. In fact, they may still have on file a bid I put in for her for $1, 100 in December 2009. It was rejected because the puppy was still on sale for $1, 600. In January 2010 my husband proposed to me. We decided that it was not a good time to buy a puppy due to planning a wedding. After getting married in June 2010 I moved to Austin. I lived 45 minutes away from the Georgetown store. I returned for the first time since December 2009 in January of 2011. We were living in a house and were wanting to start looking at puppies again. This time I went by myself. We then decided that we were going to build a house. So we moved into an apartment while we made plans for our new home. We only have 7 months left on our apartment lease. We don't want to pay a pet deposit, but we will if we find the right Cavalier. Well, on March 12, 2011 we looked at a tri-color Cavalier and fell in love. My husband had the cash in his pocket to buy the puppy. We discussed the price and and the plan for the puppy with a sale's representative. Once again, we were willing to buy what seemed to be the perfect puppy, but we didn't. We didn't because the very next day I was heading out of state to visit my mom. She was undergoing a surgery due to breast cancer. My sister flew in from Berlin, Germany for the operation. We didn't think it was wise to purchase a puppy at that point because I would be in the hospital all day long for a week and my husband would be at work from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. We decided to come back after I returned from out of state and see if the price had decreased on the puppy that we were interested in. Well, that's when things got interesting. I came in to look at the Cavalier, but the puppy had been sold. Instead, I decided to look at a male Blenheim Cavalier. I was watching a friend's daughter at the time and brought her in the store with me. I played with the puppy for about five minutes in the pin. Please understand, I don't make large purchases. My husband does, but he sends me to check it out first. Two weeks ago, the day before my trip out of state, he told me to go look at a Lexus. We've been looking at those for over a year now. I looked at it and liked it. Since I liked it, he checked it out and he bought it for me. I looked at an IPad for over a year. I looked at the IPad 2, liked it, and he bought one for me. You see, we are business owners. We have business minds. We don't rush expensive decisions. So no, I didn't not plan to buy this puppy today, but that certainly does not mean that my husband wouldn't have bought him tomorrow when he was off from work. I asked the lady if we could see one more puppy and she said, "No, we only allow one puppy to be seen each visit." All I could say was, "Oh, ok." She said, "But if you want to see other puppies, you can see the two schnauzers that are out running around right now." (These puppies were not in pins, but just running around loose in the store.) I didn't want to see the schnauzers. I was not interested in seeing the schnauzers. I don't ever want to buy a schnauzer, and I didn't look at the schnauzers. On the way out of the store, my friend's 12 year old, VERY well behaved, little girl wanted to see the hermit crabs and the bunnies, so we looked. The older sale's lady followed us and stood over our shoulders as if we were pestering the store. fI said, "Come on Macy, let's go. We are obviously bothering this woman." To that she screamed, "BYE BYE!" in a loud, condescending voice. I walked out of the store, but decided to come back and speak to a manager. Unfortunately the two women both claimed to be managers. I explained, "I almost purchased a dog from you two weeks ago." The older woman interrupted me, "I don't believe that at all." I said, "Excuse me? I did almost purchase a dog from you." She said, "I don't believe that. You've been coming in our store for over a year now and you are disrespecting our time. All you want to do is waste our time and just play around. You have no intentions of purchasing a puppy." I told her, "I had every intention to buy a puppy from you. My husband and I have been wanting to purchase from Petland for a while, but now I will never do business with you." She said to the other lady, "Call security. This lady is wasting our time." I said, "I have a right to file a complaint to management." The younger sales lady said, "You're on private property. Leave now." I said, "I'll leave, but you are discriminating against me and you'll be hearing from me." The younger lady replied, "Go ahead and waste your time and your money." Now, I feel that I did nothing wrong and that I handled this situation in a very mature fashion. I have worked almost 10 years in retail, and I have never ever treated a customer like that. I was discriminated against strongly in this store. I did not explain in detail the situation of why we did not purchase the puppy two weeks ago to the ladies, because I felt like that was none of their concern. That was a private matter, as is the reason why we didn't purchase a puppy in 2009. Both of these reasons were very understandable though. I strongly urge you to review the store surveillance recording of our visit in the store and the conversation I had with the ladies. I understand there may not be audio on the recordings, but you will be able to clearly see that we were very calm customers and I spoke to them in a very respectful manor. You will clearly see the body language and facial expressions. I am not a teenage kid vandalizing property. I have never felt so disrespected and so insulted in my life. I am not only insulted that I was treated with such disdain, but that a little girl witnessed such rude and discriminatory actions from an adult. I'm keeping a copy of this email and I am prepared to make further necessary actions in order to justify this matter. I feel that discrimination against customers for any reason, especially when to make the decision to purchase a puppy, is completely out of line and unprofessional. I would greatly appreciate a prompt response to my complaint. If no response is given, I will assume that I will need to take the next necessary steps by speaking with the Better Business Bureau and other entities in the Georgetown and Austin area.

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  • Ma
      Sep 19, 2011

    The first "order" of comments is that pet shop dogs are almost always the product of those horrible puppy farms. Pups are huge risk healthwise (bones, teeth, eyes, congenital disorders) and by supporting pet shops dogs, we are support one of the the most inhumane industries in this county!!. A good breeder will always ask about home conditions, and check out the family in general; their puppies are an extension of their families. That being said, I don't wonder that people who sell dogs to the first person with cash in hand are low- life/rude people, although Petland people have always been courteous to me when I browse the store for toys, etc., and I shop there occasionally with happy results and have met innocent sales people who don't know where the ups come from. I asked one one day, and got a very "honest" but incorrect answer about a puppy's background. The pup was pure blooded, all right, but REPUTABLE BREEDERS DON'T SELL THE PET SHOPE BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE THEIR BELOVED PUPS ARE GOING!

    I even wondered if this post was written by a competitor, etc, but then that's another story, and I'd never accuse anyone of such behavior unless I knew something about the situation...It's no wonder that you ran into someone who was probably a puppy farm owner. Haven't you SEEN the reports about those disgusting places, the poor little bedraggled and abused ### who do nothing but breed and live in conditions in which we wouldn't put our worst enemies? Pathetic; never, ever support such an industry. Furthermore you're probably spending more, and making yourself look foolish to people who know dogs.

    A good rule of thumb is to never, ever buy a puppy from a pet shop.e. The good pups come from the breeders. I might add, here, that I have absolutely nothing to gain by this post. I just ran into it looking for something else having to do with dogs. We have two little Therapy Pet dogs..half Shih-tzu, half poodle, whom we bought from a breeder in a little town in south Texas. They are remarkable animals, but you can bet that we spent a lot of time seeing their "home", visiting with their "parents", and other discussion before they would sell to us..and we would buy from them. I repeat, a good breeder will always get to know the potential buyer...; think of it as an adoption..much as the Humane Societies do. Some people are very lucky with their pet shop dogs, but the danger of coming home with an adorable puppy, loving it desperately, and then finding out it has some terrible congenital disorder, temperament problems which surface later...I suspect that a lot of those dogs on Caesar Milan's Dog Whisperer had their origins in puppy mill. DON'T!!!1

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