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Petland / terrible experience!

1 Georgetown, TX, United States Review updated:

Applied and was hired at Petland, and after only one day on the job, I wouldn't go back for a million dollars. Okay folks, lemme fill ya in on my first day of training and how petland trains its employees and how to treat the customer. You either make min. wage or commission, which ever is higher. Most of the dogs there sell for 2,500 or higher so you can make a easy 500 bucks in one day of sales. well when it came to the guy and owner who were supposed to train me, lets just say they were to busy selling dogs then to train me. Every time they'd start to tell me a policy they would rush over to someone looking at pups. they wouldn't rather no miss a commission then do their jobs training a new employee. first off the owner lauren tells me that, my main goal is to sell a puppy and to make money, this is a commission job.Its not like "hey guys lets find these puppies homes", nope its like "move them out at any cost".

Wanna know how petland see you, its customers? take this in for consideration. I was about 3 hours into my first day and in walks couple asking if they can "play" with a puppy. The owner takes me off to the side and says "ewww they are trashy people, they aren't here to buy, only to waste our time while they entertain themselves". The shes goes off in detail about "how poor these people look and that they have to be unemployed because of their clothes". Personally they looked fine to me, i mean they weren't dressed like a movie star but they were wearing everyday average clothes that even Id wear... ya know jeans and teeshirt. Then the owner proceeds to tell me Petland refers to these people or people who just come into look as F.O.S. I was confused and asked "whats that mean"?, she said "full of ###"! I was SHOCKED!!! I was sooo offended because i had come into the store before i was hired just looking around at whatever and now i know they considered me F.O.S because I was only looking.

Okay it gets worse. my boss told me their policy is "that the customers isn't always right, and that petsmart had spoiled them into thinking they are". She said "if a customer comes in I have the right to treat them anyway I want to and i can say anything i want to". Well then we get a sweetheart lady in asking if we sold a particular type of catfood, and the owner says "do you see it on our shelves, you are stupid for asking such a dumb question". I was appalled, she could have just said "no I am sorry we don't". The lady was attacked unprovoked, she wasn't rude or anything, the owner just jumped on her.

Then get this, its my first day and a little boy about 8 asked to see a hampster and his mom was standing behind us holding a 2 year old in her arms. The owner came up and asked "umm whats this about... if we let ever kid hold our hampsters they get wet tail and die". The little boy looked all upset at his mom and she covered her daughters ears (the 2 yr old) and said can we have less of the (spelling the word out to the owner) D-E-A-D?" the owner barks back yelling "umm its about time your kids know about death, i think they are old enough". HOW DARE THE OWNER JUDGE WHAT A PARENT TELLS THEIR KID AND WHEN!!! Ive never seen a pet store where it is their policy to treat the customer like crap.and yes... it still gets worse!!!

In the front of the store they have animals in open cages called "petters". These are ferrets, guinea pigs, hampster, bunnies, and birds. Petters mean you can pet them, but on the cages it says "we may bite". well all day long kids come in and pinch and prod these poor animals. the ferrets have taken up biting as play. so many people dangle their arms into the cages that the ferret thinks to a game to bite. STORE POLICY ON BITES: pet counselors are not to hand the animal to someone who wants to hold it, if the wanna hold it they get it out for themselves or their kids. If they get bit, they should have read the sign that they bite and its their own fault. Well i was trying to straighten a water bottle up in a petter ferrets cage and the thing bit and drew blood on my hand. A few minutes later a guy came in and i felt it was my duty to warn him that the ferret bites and not to handle it. Then my boss started yelling at me for telling him this. Another gentleman decided to try and hold it because he has ferrets. The ferret bit on to him so hard blood poured down his hand and dripped on the floor... the owner once again said "pffff its his own damn fault". So i spent most of my day terrified for some poor unsuspecting kid or adult to put their arm into a cage that says "petter", not "bitter" and get bit. Now i don't know about you, but i have got to much of a conscious to stand there and let some innocent person get hurt. My boss had the nerve to tell me "ya know if you spend most of your day up here at the small animal section you'll never make any money. Um hello money or trying to keep someone from getting hurt, you be the judge, apparently they can ignore it, but i couldn't.

Next comes the fellow employees. I now you aren't at a job to make friends but to do your job but there has to be some sense or comradory and loyalty. The minute two of the other girl pet counselors left, the other girl began telling the boss "so and so stole my sale and so and so did this"... she got the two other girls written up after they left when they weren't even there to defend themselves. it seems at petland that if someone is to much competition to you and they are making more sales and getting more commission you do what you have to to get them fired so you can have more sales. I never heard one employee say one nice thing about another, it was all about getting someone written up.

Now about kittens. it seems that people off the street come in with litters of kittens and surrender them to petland. Petland makes a copy or their current drivers license and then keeps the plain off the street joe anybodies kittens and sells them for up to 150 bucks a pop. I have cats and my cats all came from friends or shelters. I couldn't in good faith sell someone a plain ol cat for 150 bucks when i know they can go to a shelter and give one a home or get one for free just about anywhere.theres are not breeds of cats, these are off the street kittens being sold for that price.

Damage Resulting = My first day was 10 and 1/2 hours long with no lunch or breaks. I came home that night in shock and disgust at my "new job". My boyfriend said I ranted for about three hours. Ive never quit a job after one day. I worked my first day and had two days off. I didn't spend those two days off relaxing, i spent those two days racking my brian wondering what i got myself into. I couldn't even sleep at night because everything i had witnessed was running through my brain. I don't have it in me to be that mean to work there. I cant be mean to customers, or to fellow employees but that seems to be normal policy.I cant treat people who come in just looking as what my boss said "F.O.S" because that pretains to me as well cus i came in before just looking. And how can a person stand their and watch his fellow man get bit but a animal that they know WILL not may bit??? One day working their was far to much for me. Petland does not care about you, the customer... they consider you F.O.S unless you buy a 4000 dollar dog which may be a mix breed. They don't care if their petters bite you, they call you stupid for getting bit. They call you stupid for asking questions. They don't care about the welfare of the puppy only about how much that puppy brings them in commission. They don't care about their employees cus if you leave or they get you fired its more money for them. work for petsmart or a pet supplier, but not petland. I thought it would be a great job but boy was i wrong.

When I actually did quit, after one day they were even ruder to me. They asked me why I was quitting, and i told them that i had to much of a conscious to work there. I told them i couldn't stand there and watch person after person stick their hands into cages where i knew they would be hurt and bitten. the owner just said well "if the customer gets bit, they are stupid".Can you believe that??? Its not like their animals might bite, their petter WILL bite.The owner told me "well we figured you wouldn't have lasted"... Ive never been more happy about quitting a job, Id of felt like a sell out and a horrible person to have kept working there. I actually like people, theres no way I could work at a place who has no concern for its customers. Petland doesn't care about its pets, customers or employees.

One last thing I thought about the night before I quit was about their puppies health. Now Ive had tons of puppies in my life time but something they said about their dogs struck me as odd. When you buy a puppy, they give you Hypoglycemia med for the puppy and tell the new puppy parent to limit play for the first four days. The owner told me that after the puppies are taken home, their new owners might play to much with them making the puppy go hypoglycemic from loosing to much blood sugar and then crash and go into shock and maybe death. Now all of the puppies Ive owned over my life time have never crashed and killed over after playing to much. A normal health puppy will simply stop playing and go to sleep when its played to much, not go into shock. maybe their puppies aren't as healthy as they say.

Ive got a friend who has a chipmonk from the store and it was a bitter when he got it, and it still is. Their small critters are treated so badly that they will never make good pets and its not even their fault. these poor animals are allowed to be stressed poked and prodded by teens and jerks cus petland doesn't care enough to protect them. Ive had gueina pigs for nearly 25 years and i have never seen pig pigs as aggressive as petlands. I couldn't even get my hand in the cage long enough to give water to or pet the guiena pigs.

I just want people to know that petland isn't worth your time because they don't consider you worth theirs. Do you wanna visit a store that considers you "F.O.S- FULL OF [censored]"?

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  • Je
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    I read what this lady said and she is right, i also work there my self and just a month ago i walked, cause my husband went over seas and i had let them know i cant work past 4:00 cause i have 4 kids and they had got in to sports, well just befor that i had got a puppy from them, so when i told them i couldnt work i was told they are going to with hold my check till my dog was payed off, well that dog i had my check with held for was put to sleep today 2-2-08 she was so sick they couldnt even help her, so not only did i have to go with out a check i payed for a sick dog, shes was only 12 weesk old, dr are doing test on her but as some of you know leaurn hides from things like this, the reason i walked was the states manger jumped all over me saying bad thing to me cause he had to work on the times i couldnt, i was told i see my wife for 5 mins a night, i would give a millon to se my husband for 5 mins a night but i see him in 14 months. as to how customers are treated this lady hit it ont he nose. its petlands way or no way, i own my own busyness and i sell millon dollar home if i treated my poeple the way they do i would preay they would turn me in to someone. there was a man who bought a 7,000. cat that died, the owners of petland wouldnt even talk to him, they made me which i couldnt dare to tellt his man NO THEY WONT PAY IT CAUSE YOU DIDNT GO TO THERE VET. thats crappppppppp. so i hope that if anyone has had problems they post cause i would love to get a few of those i had to deal with come forward cause something needs to be done, these poor animals need our help. as to lic, they dont comes from USD, in the time iworked there i know of 2 times them buy dogs of of people who just come in so that USD is a big fat lie. I HOPE WE CAN GET THIS TAKEN CARE OF, IF YOU DO HAVE A PET THAT YOU LOST CAUSE OF THIS PLACES PLEASE CONTACT ME.

  • Sa
      11th of Feb, 2008
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    Oh my goodness.. I always had my hunches about petland but i never knew they were *that* bad. Thank God I didn't get hired when I applied.

    I was thinking about buying a ferret from petland before I read this, but you have to be really careful with a ferrets temperament and training it not to nip from a young age.. I'm definately going to buy from a private breeder or a petsmart instead.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Bi
      29th of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    This is my story, and 100% true. I have the legal docs to prove it.
    The problems with Petland are widespread. I live in Tennessee, and the situation I had with the Petland here was a nightmare.
    I bought a female puppy from them for $1200.00, the next day I had to rush her to the vet (yes, THEIR vet) where she died within 15 mins of arriving.
    Their vet assured me that I had done nothing wrong, and encouraged me to contact the owners and let them know what had happened, and they would make it right. He said he would contact them as well.
    The Petland is owned by a husband and wife couple. Their vet told me to speak to the wife, as he had little or no dealings with the husband, as he wasn't very active in the business.
    Unfortunately, the lady was unavailable to speak with me, she was "too busy" so we were forced to deal with the man who sold us the puppy, and what do you know! He was the owner and the lady's husband. Imagine that.
    After we started to explain what had happened, he got extremely pissed off and started yelling at me that I killed the puppy, and there was nothing that he could do about it.
    My husband lost his temper and shouted right back in his face, and then we were asked to go back into a private office with this jerk.
    When we got back there, he apologized but said the only thing he could do would be to sell me a replacement puppy at half price. I was dumbstruck, I couldn't believe it. I stood there with tears running down my face listening to him announce that he still had one of our puppy's litter brothers available. At this point he excuses himself and returns with the male puppy, which he promptly shoved into my arms.
    Of course, the puppy starts licking my face and I cry all the harder, trying my best to calm down without feeling nauseous.
    Now, jerk owner engages my husband in conversation, saying things like, "Look at them. That's what she needs." Like buying a replacement pup is all it will take to calm me down.
    Needless to say, my poor pushover husband hands the jerk his credit card, and we get charged another $600 for this puppy!
    We leave the store and go home.
    Two hours later we are back at the vet (THEIR VET AGAIN) with the boy puppy, he was throwing up BLOOD and having BLOODY diaherria. The vet ran some tests and the pup tested POSITIVE for Corona Virus. The vet said the puppy needed IV's and round the clock care, and that probably the female puppy had it as well.
    TWO DAYS later the vet calls us and informs us the puppy is dead.
    The owners of Petland refused to reimburse us for the first dog, the second replacement dog, or the vet bills we incurred as a result. Even though THEIR OWN vet said that the puppies were sick with corona virus before we bought them.
    So we got a lawyer (who is also a friend and a dog lover) and prepared for legal action. Needless to say, the case was settled out of court about two weeks later, for the amount we were owed. For some reason at that point the jerk owner started calling us incessantly, alternately threatening and telling us we would have to pick up the check in person.
    Our lawyer got a good laugh out of that. We did no such thing. That a**hole had to bring the check for the money to our lawyer.

    I will never in my life ever step foot in a Petland or any pet store like it again.

  • As
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    one of their parrots ate my bracelet

  • Va
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    I am not surprised at your experience and I am sorry for it. My boyfriend and I are angry at Petland, especially reading so many complaints about it. About a month and a half ago, we bought a baby bearded dragon from Petland, who we named Reptar. We brought him home and gave him everything a beardie needs. Our setup for him could not have been more perfect. We were a little worried because we read so much online about how babies should be eating alot of crickets, yet ours only ate a bit of veggies and about 2 or 3 crickets a day, which is way below the minimum. Either way, he was active and awake almost all of the time. About 2 weeks after we got him, we went back to Petland and bought another one of the babies they had, so that our first one would not be lonely. We named him Yoshi. Only four days later, Yoshi died. It was horrible to see this little beardie die the way he did, he seemed like he was suffering a tremendous amount. We grew so attached to them so fast. Once Yoshi died, Reptar was still behaving the same way, still active but did not eat as much as he should have from what we read online and in a bearded dragon book we bought. We went back to Petland about getting our money back. By the way, they only have a one week guarantee on bearded dragons, which is absolutely ridiculous. Anyway, the manager had gotten 2 new baby ones, but they had just practically hatched and we did not want to have such little ones. He told us that if they got bigger and did not die they would call us within the next few months and give us one of them. All of this without getting our money back or anything, we were just expected to wait 2 or 3 months until they called us back. About a week after this, we decided we did not want to wait for those and we bought another baby beardie at a shop that was not mainstream and all of the animals seemed incredibly healthy, you know like if the people actually cared about keeping them alive and well. This was about 3 weeks ago. Turns out, our baby Reptar died 4 days ago, he experienced the same exact symptoms as Yoshi, but he took alot longer to die. We took such good care of him, giving him baby food and antibiotics. We ended up going to the vet about a week after Yoshi died because Reptar stopped eating completely and got very skinny. When the vet saw Reptar and heard the story about Yoshi, she immediately said that she did not like Petland or other stores like it because the breeders did not care about the animals and these stores did not give them the care they needed. Our own vet told us that. After spending hundreds of dollars going to the vet three times and giving him medicine, he died too. This is just ridiculous that customers who actually care so much about their pets have to spend money they will never get back just because places like these do not care about their animals or get them from breeders that just breed animals that are related. Our vet told us both diseases Yoshi and Reptar had were probably hereditary and it is possible that their lungs/stomachs could not develop properly(those were their main problems).

    P.S. Arby, the beardie that we got at the small pet shop is doing incredible. He eats alot, has already grown almost 2 inches in 2 weeks and is very active and alert.

  • Kr
      27th of Nov, 2008
    -2 Votes

    I just want to make a brief comment about all of the above comments:
    don't blame the pet stores. Blame yourself.

    There are good pet owners who see their pets as family... And then there are bad pet owners who see their pets as property.

    Because pets can be seen as property, pet owners have allowed pets to become a commodity and corporations have exploited that.
    You don't see child adoption stores popping up everywhere, do you? That's because people don't see children as property.

    In order to get these pets to the consumers at the cheapest price, pet stores have become inhumane. If pet stores treated their 'wares' like pets, you would pay much, much more. And people who see pets as property don't want to pay a lot.

    I'm not going to go into specifics, but I worked at a big box pet store at a time when it wasn't just about the numbers. I frequently took animals home with me for the night so that when their family them to their forever home, the transition wouldn't be as hard. I would constantly carry rabbits or ferrets around with me, and I made sure that all our parrots and cockatiels were hand fed.

    And when it comes to puppies...not everyone can adopt from a shelter. Not everyone wants to. If you're looking for a specific breed, you will sometimes have trouble getting one from a breed-specific rescue. One of my best friends is an Australian Shepard from a rescue. We were told he was healthy as can be...but he wasn't. The first year we spent over $2, 000 in vet bills to combat an infected dog bite on his back (given to him by another dog while he was at the rescue). Six years later, I fell in love with a West Highland White Terrier at a pet store. She was fighting an infection too, and they wouldn't have let me bring her home except that I worked there and there was no way I was going to let her pass me by. They paid for everything: the meds, the doctor's visits. Things I could have never afforded just because they knew she had the best chance of survival if she had a loving family. And she's as healthy as ever.
    I guess the bottom line is: buyer have to know what you are getting into. Ask to see a contract before you even interact with the puppy. Ask as many questions as you can think of. Ask for references or names of customers who were satisfied with their puppies. And never, never, never buy on impulse.

  • Mi
      22nd of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    i worked for petland of dalton georgia since it opened by franchise owners in Nov 2006, not all the employees are jerks!! I loved the animals and the customers most of the co-workers there do!! there are a few that are lazy and won't help and are out right rude !!all of this stores puppies come from the hunte corp. except the pound rescues!!! petland corp. complained about us rescueing these few dogs cause NO PROFIT FOR THEM!! the kennel manager there and the kennel staff are awesome but unfortunately they are not god and they can't save all the sick "parvo" dogs that come in from "hunte" beleive it or not the rescues from the local shelter are much healthier the vet Dr Felker cares she spays an neutures them gives them vacc. an rabies!!! hooray for Dr. Felker! the store changed owner ship in Nov. of 2008 the franchise owners were awesome and honestly cared about these animals and did not support the hunte corp !! Corp. Petland took over an it was doing pretty good still for awhile they put aman over the store from corp. and he was shapeing it up then he was pulled out and now it's gone to hell!! all pupies are from HUNTE!! I want every one in Dalton Ga. and the surrounding area to Know there is another pet store in the walnut square mall it's a mom n pop store maybe have 3-4 dogs local breedrs prced fair they groom there prices on merchandise is below petlands prices they are not payed commission so they will not try to send the entire store home with you!! haha check it out if you ever need pet supplies if they don't have it they will get it!! they breed there own reptiles!! any way i just want the world to know there is no future in dalton petland!!

  • On
      8th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too work at petland. I am a kennel tech and work in the back with the puppies. The work is very hard, and I get paid very little for all the things I have to do! I am thinking of quitting because I can't stand to see some of the sick puppies be taken back to the breeders and not sold. I don't even know what happens to those puppies that go back! It is very sad, when I got the job I was super excited. But on my second day of working there I too was shocked, these puppies are coming in constantly, endless lives die. I hate puppy mills and breeders because of the fact that there are so many puppies in animal shelters that couldve been saved if these pet stores wouldnt sell puppies! I really am thinking of quitting because I have too much of a conscious, although I really need the money, I need to quit. I can always find another job where I don't have to witness all of this sadness.

  • Ro
      15th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I think it depends on what store you are visiting. Some are way different from each other. My mother works at our local Petland store, and I help out there sometimes, and I know that that doesn't happen in our store. There are a couple emlpoyees who have the wrong idea about how things are supposed to be done, but one was recently fired because of that additude. I know several of the kennel workers, and I also take the puppies out on walks sometimes. All of the puppies are in fine health. Different stores are just different in the way they work.

  • Pe
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Just because one Petland has a crappy owner doesn't mean they all do. I shop at the Petland in Pensacola and their animals are well taken care of and healthy. Ive purchased 3 dogs from them, all perfect healthy babies. The employees are very nice and help me any time I need annything. Maybe you should quit being so judgemental. And realize that ALL petland's aren't the same.

  • Me
      25th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I'd just like to add that Petland (and most other petstores in this country) get their dogs from puppy mills. If they tell you they don't, they are lying. The only reason they can say that they don't is because the puppies are actually sold to them by an intermediary (a broker) who buys from the puppy mills.

    If you are unfamiliar with puppy mills, please visit the website and get educated. These disgusting places abuse and neglect the parent dogs. They don't care about breeding healthy animals or animals with stable temperments. They only care how many puppies they can churn out for profit. These puppies are sold sick and underage and most of the time have fake papers to go with them. BEWARE of any dogs registered as CKC (Continental Kennel Club) as this is a puppy mill registry.

    Plus, if you are paying some outragous price for a so-called DESIGNER dog, you are getting scammed. I see hundreds of 'yorki-poos' and 'labradoodles' in shelters and rescue every day and you don't have to pay freakin 1500 dollars for one. I love mutts, I own two of them (both rescues). One is a Chihuahua / Dachsund mix and the other is a Beagle mix. The Chi mix cost me 65 dollars at the local SPCA and she is the smartest, most well-adjusted dog I've ever owned. She's won numerous obedience competitions and was a demo dog for my own obedience classes. My Beagle mix competes in canine frisbee and is better behaved than most people's kids (he was FREE by the way).

    Paying big bucks for a dog does not mean quality. Petland (and other petstores) sell sick dogs to unsuspecting customers. And the customers provide money that goes right back into the millers pockets so they can continue the cycle of abuse.

    If you want a dog, go to a shelter or rescue. Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die. Thanks!

  • Te
      29th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    THIS explains the negative experience a friend and I had about a week ago. We were just looking around, and the owner, Lauren, had an awful attitude about her the whole time. Sour looks on her face, watching people suspiciously like they would steal her hamsters, all of that. My friend was trying to pet a macaw and one employee had already warned her to be careful when Lauren came up and said, "oh, NO. That is a BIG bird. Just leave him alone. I need to protect my animals, " or something along those lines. My anger build-up to that point was about to explode so I walked across the parking lot to the PetSmart to buy the dog toy I needed. I was so frustrated that I wanted to complain. So we went back in to ask for her name, and instead of just telling us, she asked my friend, "Why, do you want to complain?" When we responded in the affirmative, she started ranting and being sarcastic with us and it was just AWFUL. I don't even want to recount all of it because it upset me so badly. Upon arriving back home, I sent a lengthy complaint to the Petland corporate office, and what did they do? Apologize to me and then FORWARDED THE COMPLAINT TO LAUREN. Complaining does no good if the complaint only goes to the person you have a problem with! 40 minutes later, I got an email informing me that my friend and I are banned from Petland and will be reported at trespassing if we ever set foot in there if I'd want to. Just stay far away. That woman and that suck-up man working there now are F.O.S. Oh, and if you look around on the web, there are lots of stories about what happened to people who bought their puppies...who come from puppy mills, by the way.

  • Ca
      11th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sounds like some angry employees just wanting to get even with their former employees. Not all Petlands are bad. They are a franchise chain of stores. I looked up the term "Puppy Mill" and it does not exist. With the warranitys Petland has on their pets, I don't think they could afford to buy from sub standard breeders they you all say are "Puppy Mills". They would go out of business.

    As a former Manufactuers Rep in the Pet Industry, I covered the whole state of Florida. The so called Mom & Pop stores were dirty, animals not being taken care of and their quality of pets were below standard. My Petland customers stores were clean, animals well taken care of and their staff was very friendly. I myself have purchased in the past 3 Petland puppies and I have also rescued 2 others from shelters. The bottom line all animals need a home no matter where they come from!

  • Jf
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    Maybe you haven't seen the "mothers" of the puppies you've bought from Petland. How would you like to start pushing out kids from the first time you started your period and every possible time after that until that until you couldn't have any more, then you'd be discarded/destroyed. Further imagine you're in a tiny cage with no human contact. Should you come across another human you probably wouldn't be able to talk to them since your vocal chords have been cut, oh yeah and you probably have no teeth and find it extremely hard to eat due to neglectful hygiene. So if all this sounds good to you then you should be able to sleep well knowing you bought (OR SOLD) a "puppy mill" dog from Petland. Ever heard of Hunte Industry? They sell Puppy Mill dogs to Petland. The issue is not that the pups aren't cute. Of course all puppies are cute, that doesn't mean you have to perpetuate the torture of other dogs that produce them. What did you represent in the manufacture portion of the "Pet Industry" Clearly you have never been in research if you believe Puppy Mills don't exist. Or maybe you're just a franchisee of Petland, you did make that point that they are franchises, which I already knew.
    Here's a few PUPPY MILL sites since you have had trouble find any. I know Hunte is one "Christian" operated puppy mills as they have been filmed at Petland stores in Texas under the cover of night of course delivering Puppy Mill Puppies. I'm sure they've been fined more than once
    Try a Bing or Google, they are UNFORTUNATELY ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

    Here's some undercover video of the "Christian" Hunte Company and the way they tread their "livestock"


  • Go
      4th of Apr, 2010
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    I understand that not everyone has positive experiences at Petland, but me and my Fiancee actually just purchased a 9 week old (now 10) Shiba Inu from the Petland in Cicero. The people there are always friendly, and I have always enjoyed communicating with the employees, since they tend to come into my job for lunch quite often. Yuffie, our Shiba, has actually been quite the happy, healthy little puppy. And at the first sign of any potential illness (which there was a scare, but the puppy returned negative), Petland employees called us to let us know. We used the vet they recommended and the woman was extremely professional, she explained that the puppy was all in all in good shape, she needed a few immunizations but that's no big surprise given her age. The only real problem we have had was an issue with her lack of appetite, which the vet prescribed us to feed her baby food and give her a medication to harden up her stool since she was being a picky eater (While a lot of you will probably discount me, this is in fact true, since I spend a lot of time with my dog and I've owned many before her.) If everyone is so worried, then maybe you should look at the positive side instead of the negative side. Not everyone can get a dog from the SPCA, as much as we would love to. The one in our area refused us adoption because one reference didn't answer a phone call, and then proceeded to tell us we were denied for at least a year since we were turned down the first time. Petland, like previously mentioned, doesn't consist of people who are all the same. While I dislike the owner, I do in fact LOVE the employees, these ladies and gentlemen are extremely dedicated to their dogs, and love speaking to potential pet owners while these people play with the puppies to ensure they are placed in a caring forever home. Petland is willing to pay all of our required vet bills due to the illness scare and also part of her wellness check-up. I understand that puppy mills are a great concern, and Hunte corp. isn't a very good group to buy puppies from, but puppy mills will always be around so long as people view dogs as property, not family. If anything, it is unfortunate to hear the circumstances of what has happened to some of the ill puppies purchased, however, if you read the contracts you are signing BEFORE you sign them, and you listen to the pet counselors who go through everything with you, you learn the specifics of the contract. And just like anything else, there is always a risk when you buy something, be it animal or vehicle or house. Things aren't always going to work out as planned. Our petland actually has a policy where if you find out that you cannot care for the puppy you can bring it back within 48 hours and they will try to replace the puppy in a stable environment, however it is frowned upon because if you can't support a dog within that time span you shouldn't be BUYING it in the first place, as it is disorienting to the animal. Also, if (god forbid) something happens later down the road, the go out of their way to post flyers and notify people who are potentially interested in the pet so that it DOESN'T have to go to an animal shelter. In the contract (ONCE AGAIN) it even says:: 1.) You can keep the dog and they will pay vet bills UP TO the cost of the animal, 2.) You can exchange the dog so that they can get required care at no cost to you or 3.) the dog can be returned and refunded. The way it looks, a lot of people complaining about the dogs seem to have not read what they were signing, because if it was that much of an issue they would be prepared to take the risk when they signed off, not go out of their way to badmouth a company that has drafted the contract you put your signature to. I firmly believe that you need to be ready for any risk and getting a puppy is the same as having a child. If its sick you care for it, not worry about what money you're spending. When the vet told me the potential funds required if my puppy was sick, I signed it and said "I don't care the cost, get my dog healthy.". Keep in mind, my puppy at 10 weeks is only 4.11 pounds, so she's a relative lightweight, and if she gets sick she gets EXTREMELY ill. However, she is NOT sick, and I know for a fact that the employees try to maintain HIGH STANDARDS of care for these puppies. Any ill puppies go straight to the emergency animal hospital and are covered until they get better and then brought to loving forever homes, and before you all go on tangents saying I'm an employee or a franchisee, I'm not. I took the risk and researched what I was getting into before I agreed to get into it. Same as any RESPONSIBLE pet owner should. My puppy runs about $2800 at her age from a registered breeder, and she has the SAME POTENTIAL OF ILLNESS as any petland puppy. So honestly, before you guys start talking about things, read the fine print, it would solve a lot of problems.

  • Ay
      4th of Aug, 2010
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    all petland puppies come from puppy mills... all pet store puppies come from puppy mills and some kittens from kitten mills... my motto is dont buy adopt :) those animals in the shelters need homes and they are just as sweet and just as beautiful as any animal in a pet store... the one difference is they are healthy and not sick and dying

  • Ay
      5th of Aug, 2010
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    and you more than likely got turned down from getting a puppy from the spca for a legit reason... anyone who loves animals and can proove they can properly care for an animal can adopt one from any shelter... the people at petland are in it for the money they dont care about finding animals good homes... notice how shelters do background checks, hold your pet for 24 hours and make sure the animal is spayed or neutered and then lets you take the pet home... only when they know you are 100 percent the perfect person to adopt the animal... Im pretty positive petland let you take your pet home right then and there and I would be surprised if they did any type of background check on you... your puppy came from a puppy mill as do all pet store puppies... dont let the sales people fool you... yeah so your puppy is one in a million thats healthy... what about your puppys litter mates? or his parents? face it... his parents are probably squished in a kennel with 10 to 12 other dogs, covered in feces and matted fur, have no human contcact, have spent their entire lives in a wire cage, are starving not only for food but for human attention and love, are infested with fleas, probably have serious parasites and wormes, are more than likely carrying the parvo disease... should i go on? my point is dont ever buy a puppy from a pet store cause in the end you are supporting puppy mills... and that puppy you bought left room for one more new sick dog to be sold in the kennel your dog was in at petland

  • Pe
      21st of Sep, 2010
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    I work at a Petland. I will assure you at my store none of this is happening. We treat our customers with respect. As a pet counselor I connect with many customers and help them in any way I can. Everyday we get people coming in to play with puppies. We don't use the term F.O.S. If someone wants to see a puppy we get it out! Being honest 90% of the dogs I pull out don't get sold to the customer. We call it the "puppy fix". I don't mind answering questions about the puppies to people who aren't even interested in it. Because it's my job. I'll be honest puppies do get sick at my work. But we have everything the puppy needs to get better and if we don't it gets sent to the vet. And for the people who complain about the puppy prices: When you want a nice car where do you go? BMW dealership? Infinity dealership? If you want a cheap car where do you go?? Carmax? When you walk into Petland we have nice dogs at high prices. (THE DOG COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED.) If you wanna complain about prices GO TO A SHELTER. I'm sick of people complaining. Again, our dogs come with everything you need. THAT'S WHY THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. You would be spending the same amount buying everything for the dog. Every customer that says they bought a dog from us I ask, "How's the dog?? Is it healthy?" I always get a positive answer. So please before you start judging all Petlands know that NOT ALL PETLANDS ARE LIKE THIS ONE. And for the ferrets biting?! Idk about the other store but when new ferrets come in they are BABIES. Baby ferrets teeth, just like human babies, just like puppies. IT'S NORMAL.

  • Ke
      29th of Sep, 2010
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    Here is all im going to say. I work in the Kennel and my job is to take care of the puppies and kittens. I've worked here for 3 years now, so i know my stuff. i will honestly say, these puppies do in fact come from puppy mills. I dont care what the owners or employees tell you. I have worked with over 6 different brokers and they have all given me very sick puppies at some time. Im not going to stay on this issue, you can do your own research on the internet. Just look up Hunt, R2 Farms, Top Notch, Conrads, and there are many more. Hunt is the main broker that Petland uses, the store i work at does not anymore. I will also inform everyone who reads this, that one of the people above was wrong about our kittens. Our kittens are mainly domestic kittens, which come from people who dont want their own cats kittens. so we will take them for you and sell them for a profit. we DO NOT pay the person any money for the cats, we take them off your hands for FREE. i will also say that some of our puppies are bred from some corporate employees who breed their dogs. Petland does offer microchipping, vaccinations, vet care, and more... BUT we buy these puppies from the brokers for about $200-$500. so we do not need to sell them for $1800- $4500, which we do depending on the breed, color, and if they are AKC registered. if you want to buy from a petstore or complain about one, look things up first to see whats going on. I enjoy working with puppies and like my job, but the people i work with make it a horrible place to work at. but it is also my choice to stay. Also, BREEDERS may also sell puppy mill dogs so BE CAREFUL if you use a breeder. sometimes they are owners of puppy mills but sell some of their top puppies at their homes away from their puppy mill site. and some of these people are also state registered. if you want my honest opinion, about 50% of our dogs go home sick, most of our dogs come in sick from the brokers but we dont always catch it because it can take up to 14 days, some go home the next day. Out of the puppies we sell, about 5% die, 20% or so have serious life threatening sicknesses and have to be treated right away at a vet office. If you break PetLands health warranty, your stuck with the whole vet bill. SO BRING YOUR DOG TO OUR VET SO THAT DOESNT HAPPEN TO YOU! Now that you know, be careful when you buy.

  • X3
      27th of Mar, 2011
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    I went there to get a hamster about a week ago, and the whole time I was trying to pick out one of their dwarfs, the sales guy was shoving an american bulldog puppy in my arms. All he did was get me upset that I couldn't afford the 2, 000 for the thing. Then they have the nerve to tell me I could make payments and finance him. A puppy! All I wanted was a lil hamster, I already have a pomeranian, and a ferret, I wasn't looking for a dog, just a hamster. They kept pulling me away from the hamsters to the puppies the kittens anything that was expensive. After an hour of argueing that I really couldn't afford a dog that I specifially came in for a hamster the employee pointed me to his manager saying I was yelling at him when he was only showing me the puppy I wanted to see. Then the manager had the nerve to start pushing me on puppies herself! I got her to listen to me and she apologized for her employees behavior and helped me get a hamster and rang me out. All the while telling the stupid kid that was trying to get me to buy the puppy, "it's okay, you tried" "Maybe she doesn't like dogs" I was standing right there!!! The only good out of that visit was my hamster Pablo.

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