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Petland / they lied us about ferret we bought

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My boyfriend and I decided to purchase a pet. Due to living at home and in an apartment, we decided on a ferret. We read up on them, and my boyfriend's family has a sweet bald old ferret. We checked out a few pet stores and someone said Petland in Monroeville is a good place to go, and that all their ferrets were from that store.

That was about 2-3 weeks before the original purchase. We picked 2 that we liked and asked when the ferrets had come in. The co-manager said that the six had come in the day before, and that they were 3-4 months old.

On the tank for the ferrets it said the were «Up To Date" on vaccinations, guaranteed for 1 year, and healthy. Another sign said "Ferrets $149.99 save $50 Everyday price $199.99".

On 4/9/2008 we went in to purchase our ferret. We ended up with a light sable female, who was our 2nd pick from the two we liked 3 weeks ago. Our sales girl said they were 3-4 months old, and that we had to buy a $25 bag of food to get a 3 year guarantee through the breeder.

She also said that we should buy a "Pet Club Membership" so we could get another $50 off on the ferret. We agreed, purchased our ferret and took her home.

Everything was good for about 3 hours. Then Kikyo became aggressive and bit my boyfriend drawing blood. She also began shaking the cage with her teeth.

On 4/10/2008 we called Petland. The Sales Associate we talked to refused to allow us to talk to a manager, and said we would have to pay 25% to restock her if we returned her, and that we could not have our money back.

We took her up to Petland immediately trying to return her. Her behaviour changed, and the co-manager we had talked to 3 weeks ago passively talked us out of putting her back. They said they would just put her in a tank by herself and "re-sell" her to someone else for $50. Also he then said she was not 4 months old but 5, and teething.

He convinced us to buy "Grennicks Bitter Apple" and to spray it up her nose and in her mouth. That it would keep her from biting due to the bitter taste. Another $12. 83 and we were on our way home with Kikyo.

The Grennicks worked for about 2 hours then she started biting through the taste. She bit my mother, and drew blood.

On 4/11/2008 I woke up to Kikyo coughing violently for about 15 seconds. I figured she maybe ate too fast or just needed to cough. My boyfriend then heard it later again that day, and it continued all day. At 10:00 P.M. we were instructed by an Emergency Vet to bring her in.

We brought her to the vet, and they both said she had her adult teeth and that she was not teething. They also said we should have received vaccination records and to quarantine her for 10 days, because we were not given them.

They diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection, and prescribed Amoxicillin (which we are both allergic to). They said ferrets don’t show signs of illness until its in an advanced stage( so it was in her system for about 2-3 weeks), and that she could have died if left in the pet store or untreated for a few more days. We acquired a $105 vet bill, on top of the original $245 purchase and Grennicks for $12.83.

4.12/2008 We registered our ferret online at the breeder's website at about 2 AM. Ten minutes later we received the Guarantee in an e-mail and it stated the "seller" was responsible for everything. We did research late into the night, and found out numerous problems with Petlands all over the country. We returned to the Monroeville store and showed them all our bills and receipts.

The manager, wouldn’t even let me say what was wrong with her. As soon as I stated that Kikyo was sick, she blurted out "OH she has a URI, most of our ferrets develop them" She also stated that they know their animals are sick and sell them with medication.

She gave us a $20 check for the Amoxicillin, and said they won’t cover vet bills because we should have called the store, that even though the store was closed the automated message had her cell phone number on it (I called later that day and it was not on there). Also we were supposed to take her to their vet. We were never told they had a vet. When we asked for the vaccination records they said we can’t find them come in Monday. They were rude took the box the Amoxicillin came in from us and pretty much hurried us out of the store.

4/13/2008 everything seemed to be going fine, we were researching a small claims case against the store, and Kikyo seemed to be coughing less. Well late that night while we had her out to socialize, she bit my boyfriend on the thumb, sinking her teeth in shaking her head aggressively.

Because she was still under quarantine, we called the Emergency Vets and were instructed to go to the hospital. We did and my boyfriend ended up with a band aid, Neosporin, and a quick dose of anti-biotic. We received our bills and it was $304.32 for the ER, and $263.75 for the physician.


We once again returned to Monroeville, to demand the vaccination records. The co-manager said pet stores don’t keep those, and began getting very short with us. We walked out and said see you in court. Not even five minutes later down the road they called saying they had a paper. It said Kikyo was one of 8 ferrets she was born 1/14/2008, and was vaccinated at 5 weeks old on 2/22/2008...which is way too young for a ferret to be vaccinated.

Also Triple F Farm's called me. We had been calling them since 4/10/2008. He said it wasn’t their problem but that the guarantee card should have had her age, and shot record on the back.

During the next week we called everywhere, and ended up finally being able to contact corporate, after days of trying the week before. A sales associate in Athens Ohio Petland put a call through for us. While waiting for a contact from corporate, we found out she should have been vaccinated at 8, 11, and 14 weeks old, and that the vaccination used on her was for MINKS ONLY ( DISTEM R TC).

We talked to everyone from the American Ferret Association, The USDA, the Vet that supposedly vaccinated Kikyo, and anyone else we could get a hold of. Another vet said that she would need 2 shots at her age of 5 1/2 months to 1 year old ( because her adult teeth are in) which will run us about $100 if not more.

We are currently in the process of getting our case together, and filing a law suit for over $900 against the PetLand in Monroeville. Corporate called us back and said that the owners of the store refuse to refund us any money other than the $20 check for the amoxicillin (which we haven’t cashed yet). We got the names of the owners (which the last name was wrong) and that corporate cant do anything more because this Petland is a franchise.

We are just now one of the 1000's of people who have been ripped off from another Petland Store. We have a good feeling we may win our case and get most if not all of the money back considering we have the backed into the wall so to speak.

Anyway I just want to warn anyone looking into Petland for an animal. You will just end up amongst us all who are out hundreds if not thousands for buying a sick animal from their horrible store.

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  • Zo
      25th of Feb, 2009
    +3 Votes

    You are both ###s who know nothing about ferrets. You should not have been allowed to purchase a ferret in the first place.

    Had you done any "research" as you claim, you might have noted that buying ferrets from a pet store is a big no-no, and you should have found a reputable local breeder.

    Not only are you supporting the stores mistreatment of the animals, but indeed, the animal testing mills that turn out these animals.

    The ferrets behavior is standard stress behavior having transferred to a new home. If its biting the cage, it wants "out" accommodate it. You have to train *all* ferrets not to bite, it is part of *standard* training.

    All ferret owners must maintain a $1000 emergency fee for vet visits. Surprise, they aren't free, they are expensive to own... More of your "research" i guess..

    You went to an ER, because your boyfriend was bitten by a ferret with a respiratory infection? >.< That's on you, no ones fault there but your own. Were you afraid his thumb would come down with a respiratory infection?... Those are spread by airborne pathogens, yet you are apparently unafraid to breathe the same air as the ferret... ?

    She told you to spray Bitter Apple ****IN THE FERRETS NOSE AND MOUTH!!!****??????

    I would bite the hell out of you too, you are supposed to apply it to things you don't want the animal to bite, ###.

    Honest to god, truth is stranger than fiction, sometimes.

    Roll up your lawsuit into a tight roll and take turns beating each other in the head with it. Maybe next time you will use some common sense instead of being stupid and then proceeding to blame everyone in the world for your complete lack of knowledge and understanding on the subject.

    Oh, by the by... If your boyfriends ferret is *BALD* it is most likely suffering severe adrenal disease and needs a $1200 operation to remove the cancerous gland...Already too late probably, if its COMPLETELY BALD YOU ###S>...

    Might want to start fixing the one you have before getting another

  • Ch
      25th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I think you made several mistakes with your ferret.first the behavior that you have describe is completely normal behavior all baby animals need to be taught not to bite.second NEVER spray anything into the nose of an animal or he will get a uri(as you know now) If you are having trouble with your ferrets behavior feel free to email me ANd I will be happy to help you .I have 11 ferrets .I find allot of people misunderstand ferrets because they weren't taught well.I can teach you what you need to know to curb her actions. It takes time but with proper guidance you can have a wonderfully behaved ferret.
    email me

  • Wi
      26th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Please buy Ferrets for Dummies... please. No judge should let you win a case about this. It's your own fault for not researching and learning about these precious little creatures.

    Spraying bitter apple up the nose and mouth of this ferret is abuse. I'm disgusted with what you're doing to this little girl...

    But it's not too late to learn and do this right. RESEARCH, learn, and most of all, stop treating her that way!

  • Ed
      16th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I cannot believe what I just read. Save yourselves the legal fees as you WILL LOSE, you CAUSED the ferret to get an URI and if you didn't get it then you should get that now. Save the fees, and instead you should pay the 25% rehoming fee to Petland and give her back. She deserves a better home then this.

    You and your boyfriend are ###S.

  • Gl
      23rd of May, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Poor Kikyo! To have a pair of bakas like you two as her owners. I am still new to the world of ferret ownership and even I found relatively quickly that Bitter Apple is to be sprayed ON things you don't want them to bite. Not IN their nose and mouth, baka yaro!
    And 300 dollars for a thumb bite that got a bandaid, neosporin and a little AB? That seems like a bit much, was the bandaid sewn together by hand with gold in the stitching? Jeez.
    Furthermore, you realize that nipping and biting is a common behavior in baby animals? Puppies and kittens both nip, bite and scratch and both require training to stop that. If you had done the research you claimed to have done, you would know ferrets require more responsibility than pups or kittens and would know how to train biting out of them. When you decided to get a kit, learning proper care for her and proper training should have been step 1 for you. It should come as no surprise that your mistreatment of her has led her to become agitated with you and to bite more frequently.
    Next time you want to get a pet, get a tamagotchi. Give this baby a proper home, because you are just another ferret owner who dove in before checking how deep the pool

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