Petersburg Steel Factory / Select Staffing lost my paperwotrk

1 Chester, VA, United States

Hi, I noticed on a few other complaints that people made pertaining to select staffing, Select Staffing commented back in an almost mocking way. This is not a joke, just to make things clear. Select staffing lost my fiance's paperwork, you made him drive there and back six times before you even hired him. That's about 90 minutes of driving. We don't have very much money, if any at all.
The people at select staffing are very unprofessional, this is wrong. Maybe if you didn't have some stupid little girl running the front desk, or someone who actually spoke English well enough to have a conversation without confusion on either end, since this is america, maybe things would work out much better. I am not a racist, and this is not a race issue. This is a legal issue pertaining to the fact that you people lost his paperwork, therefore he will no receive a pay check this week. It's not easy out there and for him to do hard work and not even get paid for it is wrong. Your company apparently does not understand the severity of this situation.

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