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Pet Relocation / Endangered my dogs

1 621 Brazos StAustion, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 512-362-6100

First they quoted my rates based on a route the airline has not flown in years. It took them 3 weeks to notify me that, opps, their quote was imaginary, during which time I left the country to wait for my dogs abroad. When I asked about a refund I was told I was not eligible for a full refund because they were not CANCELLING just know, to a REAL airline. I was told I could have a partial refund at their discretion in 4 to 6 weeks. As I did not have the money to pay AGAIN while waiting for a refund it made it impossible for me to book with a new company without waiting an additional 10 weeks (the move required 6 weeks lead time) which meant leaving my animals in care 15, 000 miles away from me with my mother who was rapidly losing patience. The rerouting added an additional 30% to the bill which made it 40% over my other estimates. The PR people said it would be worth it for the service, the animals would be kept in climate controlled areas, they would be walked and let out of the crate at every stop, their crates would be kept clean and dry and their agents were the very best. If that had been at all true I would not be writing this review.

My dogs arrived at my new home in horrible condition. I had been specifically been told they would be kept in climate controlled conditions as they were being moved from a US winter to a hot Asian climate and would need time to adjust t the heat. They were delivered on in 95 degree weather in the back of a pickup truck with the crates have covered by a worn tarp. According to the delivery company they had been on the truck for 2 hours in the heat. The crates were not secured into the truck in any way. I immediately got them into a cold bath and it still took hours for them to cool down. The crates were filthy and stank of old urine. Instead of cleaning the crates they had put new pee pads in on top of the old wet ones, so there were three layers of animal waste in each crate, and one crate still had flowing urine in the bottom. The last flight they had been one was only 3 hours after an overnight layover (where they should have been let out into a larger pen for the night and and the crate cleaned) There is NO WAY they started in a clean crate and urinated that much in a few hours. They both still had full bladders on arrival (so they had not just wet the crated on the way to the house) and defecated several days worth as soon as they got out of the crate.

When I complained to PR they were "just as upset as I was" and "conducted an investigation" but it was very useless. They said their agents "took responsibility" for the conditions of the dogs, but when I asked if they were still going to tell people (as they did me) that these contractors were "the very best" they said that they WERE the best and would continue to say so. They said that the delivery company the contractors used would never be used again, but when I said, "You didn't know they were using substandard delivery personal BEFORE how can you be sure you know NEXT time?" no answer. The neglect of my dogs was apparently just an oppsie. When I asked if they saw themselves as responsible for this fiasco in any way the answer was basically no., They have the very highest standards. They think this is all "somebody elses fault." I am disgusted.

May 4, 2013

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