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1 Pembroke mall, Virginia Beach, VA, United States Review updated:

Recently my family got a german shepherd puppy. From the pembroke pet go round. The store had sent some medicine home with her for kennel cough. Within the first week, i had to take this poor puppy to the vet because i thought she was going to die. The vet determined that she was very sick with phenomia and had to be hospitalized for four days. After run around with the petstore, they finally paid the vet bill of over 3000 dollars. Within a week of having her back home, she had to go back to the vet and stay two more days. We just got her home today and she is a very sick puppy. After talking with the manager on a possible refund per their refund policy it was concluded that it was not possible due to the amount they had spent on vet bills. My serious complaint is that they are able to sell sick dogs that are near death and expect the customer to be happy and satisfied with their purchase? I highly advise people to stay away from these stores and take my mistake as a learning curb. Very poor business that in turn causes not only heartache for a family looking for a new pet but also a financial burden due to the unwillingness to abide by their own return policy.

Sep 09, 2014

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