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I purchased a female Maltipoo from this source on Dec 6, 2009 for my grandchildren's Christmas gift. At one week of age the pup quit eating, slept alot and began having diahrrea. We took her to emergency vet and she was put on meds. Next day she was better. On Dec. 25, she had a seizure, another major one on Dec. 26th. Vet diagnosed Coccidiosis. Started meds again, but seizures did not stop. They were severe and constant and she had to be euthanized on Dec. 29. I can't describe how horrific the seizures were!

Joe Lozano, the seller, was advised of each incident.

After a healing period, we decided to try again and accepted a replacement puppy on January 24, 2010. Saw vet in San Antonio before returning home to Corpus Christi. Everything checked out fine, and she was prescribed Panacare for worms and Giardia (sp?),
as a preventative. January 30, around noon, this puppy quit eating and drinking, became very weak and exhibited the same signs as first puppy, except no seizures. Called vet and followed instructions. Puppy continued to weaken, began vomiting and having diahrrea.

We attempted to call Mr. Lozano, and his phone was turned off. We left voice messages to call us to no avail. We emailed him and ask him to call. At 11:40pm he finally returned email. As he asked, we drove to Castroville the next morning with our puppy. Even after trying to keep her hydrated and fed with a syringe, she continued to worsen.

Mr. Lozano accused us of not properly caring for the dog, he ranted on the telephone, was more concerned about his guarantee than the sick puppies he sold us. He was defensive, and not one time did he show any compassion about the puppy; however, he continually ranted that we had not abided by the guarantee to return the dog to him immediately. We live in Corpus Christi and weren't driving to Castroville when we didn't know if he was home, because we hadn't spoken to him. We were more concerned about the condition of the puppy and her care.

Our family is devastated by the loss of these precious puppies. This was to be the first puppy for my granddaughters, ages 9, 5, and 3. They have now lost two puppies. Their entire Christmas was about receiving their first puppy. eg all gifts, etc. They are so sad.

Joe Lozano is selling sick puppies. Do not subject yourself or your family to his animals! Research the info on the web about other complaints. He will try to tell you it is the fault of the purchaser, and I listened initially. But, now know the truth. Within the first week, the majority of his animals are sick and eventually die. Our puppies had the very best of care. Their kennels were kept extremely clean and their environment was healthy.

I am so disappointed in myself that I failed to do adequate research on this guy. We just got caught up in the excitement and emotion! Don't make this mistake.

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  • Sl
      28th of Mar, 2010

    the word puppymill is slander...sue this poster !!!

    You should not own the puppy or any puppy in the future if you cannot apprecite your breeder. God, no wonder puppies are so hard to find and more so why so many breeders do not even want to breed puppy's anymore, all you petty-### buyers.

    Giardia... ??? you are on here complaing about Giardia...who cares. Its common comes from stress especially when moving from one enviroment to another.

    Coccisidious... ??? completely common, when changing households. Your puppy probbaly died from lack of care. Coccisidious is completel;y treatable. Most likely when the puppy stopped eating and drinking you did nothing about it and left the puppy dies from starvation rather than coccisidious.

    Dont buy anymore dogs, you and your kids probably stressed the puppy out !!!

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  • Ni
      30th of Dec, 2010

    @slander finder & anyone else who doubts the poster...Just Google and can also find information by Googleing 'Castroville puppy mill'.

    I almost got swindled by this guy, too...However, I researched his business before going further...Wouldn't be surprised if 'Slander Finder' is Joe himself!

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  • Co
      5th of Jan, 2011

    This comment is for Wilma. You did nothing wrong. I purchased 2 maltipoos from Joe Lozano in December 2009 as well and they both had to be put to sleep a month later. Mine also had giardia and coccidia, and yes it is common and curable. However, distemper is not and that is what they died from. The seizures that they had are called chewing gum seizures and are classic distemper symptoms. My puppies had the best of care and we spent thousands of dollars on vet visits. It is a year later now and it still hurts to think about what we went through with those poor sick puppies. On the positive side, we now have 2 healthy maltipoos, one from a breeder in Arkansas and one from a breeder outside of Dallas. They are wonderful pets . I learned a hard lesson about the importance of researching breeders and making sure you are not buying from puppy mills and I hope someone else can learn from this or if it has already happened to you, find comfort in knowing it wasn't your fault.

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