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I made the mistake of buying a pair of Comfy lites for my husband's birthday. we were talked into comfy lytes.

Before he got his temporary teeth we had to wait for about six days to have the remants of a molar that had been broken and lost hin his gums.

when the permanent teeth were made one of the big front teeth was sitting on top of the other one. The dentist stupidly looked at it as if he didn't see anything wrong with it. Another time the genius made his bottom partial look like a bunny rabbit. they had two teeth patial for the bottom of it. It replaced one tooth.

The staff seemed confused. The doctor always worked on four patients at once. running from room to room while we waited three hours one time.

They suckered us into a big loan when we just want an estimate.

The comfy lites did not fit right so we kept going back. He wouldn 't let us talk to the girl who made the teeth.

Everybody was fired at the same time except for the receptionist and one of the techs so we lost rapport with the old dentist

Last they added another bill of $865.00 about seven months after we paid them for the work.

Oct 27, 2018

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