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CIMB- Seri Gombak, Selangor Branch.
CIMB Staff name: Jacky
She is rude and not attentive, bad telephone manner, use words "listen! listen! listen!"
she refuse to confirm answer question without verification, arogant and very rude to customer through phone.
She keep customer cheques forgot to call and bank in in her drawer for more than 2 weeks and it's a big amount. Returned cheques do not post out and very poor customer service provided and I have encounter for two times, she told me on the line that " you ask the courier person lah not me, how do I know?" After I consulted with the Asst. manager, the manager help to post out at once and I received the following day.
She is slow and 'chat' too much with customer... credit card application...
How CIMB manage her staff with such a bad manner???

Apr 10, 2013
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  • Ju
      Mar 28, 2008
    Personal Account - unauthorized charges to my bank account
    United States

    $11.95 was taken from my bank account without my authorization. I want this corrected immediately. I did not Authorize it, I did not receive anything for it and I do not want to receive anything for it. I want my money back. I do not know how you got my account information, and I will take legal action against you if it is not returned immediately.

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  • Da
      Apr 17, 2008
    Personal Account - Unauthorized Charge
    United States

    On April 26 a charge of $11.89 was posted to my acccount. This is a Scam. I have never heard of the company. I deny the charge, I have the card in my possession and this charge was NEVER authorized.

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  • Cl
      Oct 02, 2008
    Personal Account - Fraud
    Personal Account
    Monterey Park
    United States is a fraud! They took our money and infected our computer.
    Is there a way to file against thes people? There are so many other complaints posted. We should all file to get our money back.

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  • Al
      Apr 14, 2010
    Personal Account - What is this for???
    New Zealand


    I ahve got a transaction on my visa for Dri*symantic Mn (Usa $39.99 Nz $57.59 )

    I have no idea what it is for

    Please let me know.

    Jennifer Knight (New Zealand)

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  • Ka
      Jun 14, 2010
    Personal Account - Unauthorized Charge
    Visanet Terminal Trace
    United States

    Visanet terminal trace took $10 out of my account without authorization.

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  • Au
      Nov 13, 2018
    Personal Account - Customer service
    Upper Marlboro
    United States

    Today at 2:45 pm at Costco, in upper Marlboro, md I try to pay with my MasterCard credit and they denied me told me that they don't accept.
    I have pay with the same card in Costco in laurel l, md with no problem.
    Does different store have different procedures?
    Cashier name Jessica

    Thank you

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