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Permanent General Assurance Corporation / Awful experience

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I was in a minor accident that was my fault. There was very little damage to the car in front of me. My car's passenger side head lamp was broken and there was a little bit of fender damage. She just had a black eye, really! I then had it taken to a very respected body shop with over 30 years of excellent business. The owner did a thorough inspection of the car and estimated the damage at $2000.

When 'The General' insurance company did their estimate it came out to $3500!! The mechanic was dumbfounded. 'No way it's that much! The guys on crack!' Upon further inspection of the insurance companies estimate, we found that part of their total involved parts that MAY need replacing in the future but where not damaged in the accident.

All the while, I'm being tossed back and forth between people over at the insurance company. No one would return my calls. They labeled it a 'total loss'. End of discussion. This goes on for over two MONTHS!! I couldn't work because my job requires that I have a car.

I ended up just canceling the claim and paying for the repairs out of pocket. It cost exactly $2000 just as the mechanic said it would. I have taken it to my regular mechanic of many years and he says it in perfect running order.

This nightmare started in July and I finally got the car back in early September. Yet, when I tried to register my car this year, I was told that my former insurance company had placed a salvage title on the car in October! A full month after the claim was canceled.

I've tried everything from the insurance board to the better business bureau and no one will help me. The dmv says that there is nothing they can do if the insurance company will not relent. I sent them the bill and the estimate to prove that the car was perfectly fine and not in need of a salvage in the first place and they refused to accept that their estimate was wrong.

What gives them the right to put a salvage title on a car they never paid a claim on?! Someone please help! They are liars and frauds!

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  • Je
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    I just had an accident and the damage came out to half of what the car is worth yet they totalled out my car completely for "hidden damage" - damage that is not there but maybe in the future if they can add it on to not have to fix the vehical. They take forever to return my phone calls and I get nothing solved when I do except to wait for another phone call.

  • Em
      11th of Oct, 2009
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    I was in an accident this year and not at fault. 100% the other driver. As soon as they heard Progressive, PGAC closed my claim. They were then informed of my car being a total loss but 5 months later, they were still charging for my new car, old car and the ex-co-owner of the totalled car. I demanded a refund for the excess payments but they took the excess, applied what they could to the remainder of my policy balance and are now taking them time in responding to my e-mails.

    After first reporting the accident, they told me to go to the website to make changes to my policy, then the website said I needed to write to them with supporting papers, then I was writing and now they tell me I need to call to speak to a supervisor. Eventually, I'll just have to visit their office.

    They have a very faulty website, they don't read e-mails, they don't explain accept/acknowledge their faults and they don't respect their customers.

  • Fo
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    In November of 2009 my husband backed into a car in a parking lot, very little damage to the other car (a dent in the bumper) and none to our vehicle.
    My husband asked the occupants of the vehicle if they were ok, and they both said yes, they were fine. They exchanged information etc...
    My husband contacted the insurance company claims representative, they sent forms, he sent them back and then NEVER HEARD ANOTHER WORD from them! He called his representive 3 times, left messages, and no one ever called back!!

    So, now (July 2010) we're trying to change insurances' only to find out that the people in the car claimed bodily injury in the amount $785 and property damage of $884!!! This insurance company not only never contacted us about this (which is points off my husbands driving record) but also SAID that they were under no obligation to notify us of these actions! This is an outrage! They said it was cheaper for them to pay the claim then fight it! CHEAPER FOR WHO!!! Now our insurance is going up! Driving record dinged! and this insurance company doesnt care that they're a victim of fraud just as much as we are!

    Trust me... get rid of this insurance company!!!

  • Ms
      8th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    This insurance company should be put out of business. They have unbelievable high rates and if you try to switch they will either report you to the state as having no insurance or try to charge an early cancellation fee or they will do both! They are nasty and a horrible excuse for an insurance co.!!! They are literally trying to destroy my credit with a early cancellation fee that I refuse to pay. I had to report them to the state about their horrible business practices. I RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE THAT IS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THIS COMPANY TO REPORT THEM TO EVENTUALLY PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS. Here is one link or way to put your complaint in: Go to this provided link:

  • My
      4th of Dec, 2010
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    Yes I too have been duped by PGAC and asked for them to send me where this cancelation policy is written in their offering! They sent me a detailed explaination of Permanent General's policies and the 16 declaration page attachments and I read all 16 pages with no mention of this cancelation policy anywhere??? I am initiating a charge back through my credit card company now as this is quite frankly bull sh_t!

  • No
      6th of Dec, 2010
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    Made the mistake of opening up a policy with them today. The policy was not to go into effect until 12/14. Their system did not let me see the policy before I electronically signed it. When I did see it I saw that I was being charged 2 points for an accident because it had bodily injury on it. It was actually a minor accident, really due to a bad snow storm, the roads were so bad that the car stopped moving forwards and actually slid slowly backwards, with the brakes on, into the guard rail. When I contacted them and told them they had the accident wrong on my application they would not do anything about it. They told me, that I told them, that there was bodily injury in the accident. What a lie, any excuse to charge a higher rate!!! I quickly learned talking with them and also the sleazy way they hide the application from you before you electronically sign it, just what kind of company they are.

    Since they keep 10% of the unearned premium, I suppose I will never see my 10% down back for a policy that never went into effect; as a matter of fact they will probably bill me for more money because they also charge a $75 "Fully Earned Policy Fee". This could very well cost me almost as much as I paid for the 6 month policy, with much higher limits; I got instead of their policy. What a bunch of crooks.

    When I tried to cancel the policy I was told they couldn’t do that over the phone. Hmm, they were able to take my money and set the policy up over the phone without a problem an hour earlier. They told me I could cancel it online, I told them I didn’t see a way to cancel the policy online. They told me just enter it into the little box on their contact page. How hokey, I have an idea they still won’t cancel it. I just don’t trust this company.

  • Mc
      20th of Feb, 2011
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    I was in an accident a month ago that was not my fault. There's not a lot of damage. The bumper just needs to be straightened and then the bumper cover needs to be put back on. That's all. The driver that rear-ended me is insured through PGAC (thankfully I have State Farm), so I've been having to deal with PGAC for the last month. At first, they would call me as expected and explained what they were doing. Then, after the claims adjuster came out to look at my car, I didn't hear from them for over a week. It was to the point that I was about to call them myself when my phone finally rang. They said that my car was totaled and gave me the choice of 2 settlement options: keep the car and have a salvage title and $2770 or they take my car and I get $3200. I was going to think it over for a few days and call them back but the woman I was talking to said that they needed an answer before I hung up. So I figured I'd take the 2nd offer and she told me to give her a call when I was ready to have my car picked up. I called the next day and it went straight to voicemail, so I left a message saying that I'd changed my mind and would take the other offer and keep my car and asked if she could call me back. 2 and a half weeks and 3 more calls later, I still haven't heard from her. Even if I had called to tell them that I was ready to have my car picked up, they wouldn't have answered or called me back. I'm tired of getting the run-around. I just want this whole fiasco to be over with.

  • Ms
      20th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I dont know what state you (mcshortie) are in, but when I had a problem with PGAC, I had to report them to my state (PA) in order for PGAC to respond to me with a solution. Just take matters in your own hands and report them!

  • Mf
      22nd of Apr, 2015
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    Well I was in an accident back in Feb of 2014, needing to get a declaration page due to me not having them as my insurance today and to call them and get told they can not find me in the system.

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