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1 Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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I went to Kerri (owner) for Permanent Makeup and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. My eyebrows are very asymmetrical and MUCH darker than I wanted. When I told her my eyebrows looked asymmetrical she got very defensive and said, "your eyebrows were like that before, all I did was tattoo over them". My whole reason for getting permanent makeup was to CORRECT the asymmetry of my eyebrows, not exaggerate it. I informed her that I use a retinol cream on my face for acne because I know if makes my skin more sensitive. I asked if we should do a test spot and she said it wasn't necessary. Well, now I have PERMANENT SCARRING on my face. I am devastated. She accepted absolutely no responsibility for what happened to me. I also lost all of my natural eyebrow hair which fell out after my eyebrows healed. I went to see another permanent makeup artist for a corrective makeup consultation and she said that the only way this could happen is if the technician penetrated the skin too deeply causing permanent damage to the hair follicles. I decided to do this as an alternative to penciling in my eyebrows everyday and now I have permanent hair loss and scarring.

Dec 22, 2014

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