Perkins Logistics - Indiana, Noblesvillethieves

Perkins Logistics - Indiana, Noblesville
there fakes and liars,
they kept giving me really cheap loads, out of 9 pay periods, only recieved 4 pay checks, one was only $11o.oo
they double charged me for escrow/maintance fund.
when i finally left kept charging me for a truck n equipment i no longer have.
will not give me what money they owe me.
I followed the own lease plan to the letter did everything as they asked.
they tryed to get me to dead head from NC to NJ to pick up a load that was only paying $300.oo
dead head with no money for fuel or for tolls, refused to fix the truck when the malfuntions were there fault to begin with.
they need to be put out of buisness-
all that has every worked and has been wronged by them need to group together as a group and sue there butts and put them out of buisness

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