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This is a classic bait and switch scam. The sales rep, Michael Warren, called my company up a month back and promised that we would be at the top of Google 24 hours a day. Now, A month later I received a call saying that my campaign was costing too much money and that they needed more money from me to stay there or they would cancel me. This is true bait and switch, they offered me placement and then when they couldn't perform as promised asked for more money. Don't get fooled!

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  • Mi
      Oct 06, 2009

    Dont believe this ###. This complaint was created by an ex-employee who was fired for poor job performance. Hi is bitter and spends his time making phony complaints. Use some common sense people. Performance Local Listings has hundreds of satisfied customers who are on google 24/7. They wouldnt be in business if they didnt do a comptent job. In addition, since they take credit card, they HAVE to do what they say, or a client can charge back. Call them and ask them for references.

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  • Lm
      Oct 24, 2009

    This is hilarious. Note the original complaint states that a "Michael Warren" called him. Note also that a "Michael Markman" rebutted this complaint.

    As it turns out, Michael Warren is one of the fake names that Michael Markman uses - see:

    In that thread, Markman was found using multiple fake names to send illegal spam one of the fake names being Michael Warren. Apparently he uses fake names on the phone as well. So, here we have Michael Markman (real) defending Michael Warren (fake) in this forum and calling the victim a ###.

    Some people are really twisted.

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  • Tb
      Jan 26, 2010

    The only "twisted" people are Eric Chaffe and Kevin Watte, who got fired and almost fired for bad job performance. They are making up garbage thats not true. does not raise pricing, and does what they say. The place companies on the FIRST PAGE of google 24/7 or on a budeted basis depending on your needs. Stop the slander and GET A LIFE Eric and Kevin!

    PS Eric has reqqested unemployement benefits multiple times from different names and adresses, which shows his moral hypocisy.

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  • Mi
      Mar 19, 2010

    If you think they lied, call the FTC. The more calls the FTC gets about a company the more likely they are to do something about it. After all they were created to monitor trade. So instead of just posting complaints online call them.

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  • Tb
      Apr 09, 2010

    The FTC will tell you to get a life. Why? This company does what they say. They place clients on the first page of google 24/7. I know this is an amazing concept for you Eric. PS Eric Chafee is a moral hypocrite. He works for a company who sells faulty speakers that break down once used. But in his warped, stoner mind, a company that actually places people 0n google is bad. Get a life stoner!

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  • Yo
      Jun 16, 2010

    Please read this page to understand what Google feels are violations of their certification program:

    As you can find within this post and on many other complaint posts this company violates many of Googles policies and laws:

    Cold Calling and automated calls that are illegal in many states:

    Spam:[email protected]/msg27204.html[email protected]/msg28532.html

    As you can see Google is against the main selling points of this company and what the employees "guarantee":
    * "Deceptive or non-transparent pricing...discounts on keywords, exception to the auction (don't have to pay by CPC, etc.), ability to purchase keywords in bulk..." - This company promises unlimited keywords and clicks at a flat monthly fee. How many PMP customers receive expense or click reports that show the Adwords budgeting?
    * "Selling AdWords as 'listings', implying permanence" - This is in many of their resellers names and in the name of the site that carries the Google qualification.
    * "Guaranteeing certain ad placement, or that ads will appear at all times" - As you can read in the replies, company sites, employee profile pages and fake testimonials from ignorant PMP employees, the main selling points are statements such as this: "We DO get our clients on the first page of Google in the sponsored link section 24/7 with unlimited clicks..." Please Marianne, check the TRUE attrition rate for this company.

    For any current customers that want to see if this guarantee of 24/7 first page placement is being upheld ask for an "Impression Share Report". This report will tell you the percentage of time the ads were shown during a specific time period. Every keyword and ad should show 100%; if not, the first page 24/7 guarantee has been broken which is a violation of their own contract and grounds for a 100% refund. Request to receive this report directly from Google to avoid any possible manipulation from any employees of this company. The best bet would be to request Report Access to the account. Then you will be able see the data directly from the Google Adwords website.

    More deceit from the company is the use of the qualification logo as can be seen here:

    Below are some resources to report any wrong doings you may feel this company may be performing:

    More links for this company:
    /URL removed/

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  • Yo
      Jun 18, 2010

    More links for reporting possible fraudulent or illegal business practices:

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  • Yo
      Jun 28, 2010

    Who's Legit?!?!

    Obviously not this company if they display the Qualified Company logo yet only hold Qualified Individual status:

    As you can see, there is a big difference in what PMP discusses on this page,, and the qualification they hold.

    Below are links to the minimum requirements that any company should hold to manage Adwords accounts in my opinion.

    Any company selling Adwords shouldn't violate Googles polices:

    You can search for "Google Certified Partners" on Googles website here:

    Good Luck!

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  • No
      Jul 02, 2010

    Do you believe you are owed a partial or full refund? Below is some advice on how to ensure your company receives the advertising as agreed upon. If you find an advertising company has not performed according to their contract it is best to approach them with the evidence and provide your side to try and work out an acceptable solution. If no reasonable solution can be agreed upon there is another solution to possibly getting a full or partial refund. This should only be done if nothing can be worked out between you and the company and all communication breaks down. Call your bank to dispute the charges or chargeback. Only call your bank and dispute the charges for the reason(s) you feel the company did not perform as "guaranteed". In order to truly know if the company is performing as promised good record keeping from the beginning is necessary.

    Here are some tips that could be followed:
    * Request everything any sales person tells you on the phone or in person in writing and/or get permission to record the phone call for your records. This is extremely important as "guarantees" are made by certain sales people that Google employees "...have no problem saying that all of these claims are completely false." As you can read here:
    * Request, in writing, how much of your monthly fee will be spent on Adwords and/or the other PPC providers.
    * Request "Read Only Access" to your Google Adwords campaign. You will be able to view the account to inspect keywords, ads, check the pricing and other valuable statistics like the amount of clicks and overall cost. You wont have the ability to make changes, but having access to this information to print out for your records is EXTREMELY important.
    * If report access is refused or you just want to receive the reports, ask them to set up a regular schedule and send you these reports: Overall Campaign report showing pricing and all keywords and ads being used, Search Query Performance report, Impression Share Report, Keyword Performance Report, Ad Performance Report and Geographic Performance Report. These reports should come directly from Googles email: [protected]
    * Check the placement of your ads regularly both in Google and using this tool: If your ad cannot be found take and save screenshots for your records.

    If you look over all this information and you feel the performance is not as expected, talk to the company first to maybe gain a better understanding of the information and/or see what adjustments can be made to coincide with the promises made by the sales person. If there is a refusal to stick to the "guarantees" made by the company all the information above could be given to your bank to review your dispute. If you have not been directed to read and/or sign a contract, ensure to emphasize this point to your bank. Below are links showing some guarantees made by the company and the promise of "NO CONTRACTS":
    These can be printed out and sent to the bank as well.

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  • Rb
      Jul 22, 2010

    Look people, do your research and do not believe what you read on these forums. My name is Benjamin Blair. You can look me up online, I exist and am awesome. I have been in the internet marketing industry for 9 year, I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and have a pretty good reputation. Performance Media Placement is a fantastic company that consistently produces exactly what they promise. They are a certified partner that can be verified by Google:

    All of their "claims" are actually guarantees that are clearly posted on their website. They have a 92% renewal rate and stellar reputation outside of a few disgruntled employees. If you are serious about finding out whether this company is legit, call me on my cell [protected] and I will send you to my clients that I have sent to PMP.

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  • Mi
      Jul 31, 2010

    All the crap on this company comese from Eric Chaffee. Eric was an employee that was terminated for performance (he came to work drunk many times). He now spends his days unemployed (did we mention that he tried to defruad unempolyment from 2 seperate counties) writing negative comments from the public library. If you hire this person, expect the same problems.

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  • Google has published and official warning (Guide) about working with "Third Party Resellers" of their Adwords Product. Here is the guide:

    Note that Google states the following warning in this Guide:

    "Many third parties have earned our trust by representing the best interests of their advertisers. There are some third parties that are not acting in this way. Here are some activities to watch out for and let us know about:

    Not sharing the cost and performance of AdWords campaigns: You have a right to know, at a minimum, the number of clicks, impressions, and cost of your AdWords advertising.

    Guaranteeing ad placement, either on a specific advertising channel or in a specific position: It’s not possible to guarantee a specific ad position on search results pages. AdWords ad position is determined by an auction and changes dynamically with every new search. Some third parties may only charge you if they achieve your desired ad placement, but those that guarantee a specific position (i.e. the top position every time a user searches for your keyword) are misrepresenting how AdWords works."

    It is well known that PBH LLC, doing business as Performance Media Placement(or whatever new name they operate under now) conceals the actual cost of the Adwords clicks that they resell to small business owners.

    Google has now caught up to the Third Party Resellers like PBH/Performance Media Placement who have diluted the value of Google PPC campaigns to the point that Google was compelled to warn small business owners. By marking up the cost of Google clicks for huge profit margins, third parties diminish the real return on investment Google can deliver. It's likely Google no longer wants their service to be misrepresented in this way.

    This may be why PBH LLC/Performance Media Placement no longer has the link to Google from their site from the Google Reseller badge issued to authorized or qualified resellers. They appear to be intentionally misleading prospective customers by publishing Google's "Certified Partner" badge with no validation link to Google.

    If you have been taken by PBH, or one of its many company names, or spammed by this company, take a minute and complain to Google directly at this link:

    Google wants to clean up the industry and keep companies who are reselling their clicks honest. According to the many posts in this forum, this company is one of the worst offenders. You can help by filing your complaint about their misuse of Google's badge on their site and their lack of cost transparency in their campaigns.

    If you've given them money for their services, contact your credit card company immediately and dispute the charges as this company is notorious for denying refunds to its victims according to former customers.

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