Performance Center Wholesale, Inc.Poor Service Practices/Unresolved

On 09-12-08 I placed on online order from this company for a Gibson Exhaust system for my vehicle (Order#426008, Invoice #590552). I was charged the full amount of $421.84. In the following approximately two weeks, I was advised twice via e-mail of continued delays in shipping, with the projected delivery date being pushed further and further back. Because of this, on 09-25-08 I contacted the company's customer support line, and requested to cancel my order. I was advised that this would not be an issue, as the product had never shipped, and I would get a full refund (RMA#68470). After several weeks, I noticed that I had not recieved a refund. I visited the webpage, and checke dmy accoutn status, and saw that the refund was "authorized/pending/ready to credit". I called again to inquire about this, and a customer support rep routed me to a voice message system. I left a message, explaining the problem, and requested a call back. Not only did I never get a call back, but over the next few weeks, I left three more messages when I was even able to get through. I was never again able to speak to an actual person. At times, the phone line would ring non-stop. At others, I would be placed on hold by an automated system advising all reps were busy ( I waited on hold via speaker phone for 45 minutes at one point). I also sent many e-mails regarding this issue, requesting call back or a return e-mail. All of my correspondence was ignored. My c/c company is now involved.

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