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My experience with the company has been excruciating to say the least, and eventually led me to report them to the trading standards. Long story short, the company has absolutely no regard for quality and it is not a UK company as the website claims. There is no physical office at the address listed on the website. All correspondences are forwarded to an address in India. For those who are interested, here's a timeline of what happened:

1) April 7: placed order for one pair of designer glasses and another complimentary pair
2) April 22: in response to my email inquiry, replied that 'I can confirm that your order is ready and it will be dispatched within 2-3 working days'
3) April 28: still no sign of glasses and called customer service--was informed that the delay was due to glasses failing quality checks. (I thought the order was ready?????)
4) April 30: three weeks after the order was placed, they decided to tell me that the complimentary pair was no longer in stock--'I regret to inform you that we are currently unable to fulfill the order you placed with us as we discovered that the frames you ordered, of which we had only 1 left in stock when you placed your order, are in a damaged condition and unfit for use.'
5) May 4: received the designer pair and the complimentary pair also came about a week later. Felt disorientation wearing them but thought it was normal since this was a new prescription.
6) June 1: finally gave up trying to get used to the new glasses and took them to my optician (should have done that earlier but I was busy with exams and I wear contact lenses during the day). Was told the pupillary distance was off by about 10mm. Sent the glasses back for replacement the next day.

7) June 30: after the usual delays, one of the replacement pair was received. To my consternation it was still off. This time the PD was off by 8cm. Not bad, just give them 4 more attempts and they will finally get it right
8) July 1: I went to their office address and only found a company that leases out mailing addresses. Asked the clerk and was told the forwarding address for perfectglasses is in India.

I have spoken to Consumer Direct and the company is currently being investigated by the Trading Standards.

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