Perfect Universe / Perfectly Fake Degree Holder

1 Qatar

Aafzaal Moosaani is a fake doctor, fake cbt specialist and a fake counselor.

He openly admitted in his email to us today that he is working in his family business in a hotel in Qatar.

Aafzaal Moosaani still refuses to send us his fake degree copies and continues to be abusive, sarcastic and rude.

These are his comments about the head of our company...

"One hundred percent zero, psychologically egoistic and unstable, and most importantly, an uneducated animal."

These comments of his are about a person he has never seen, never spoken to, neither ever met in person.

You can make your own judgments about this useless, pathetic fraud simply based on his reactions to us discovering his fake degrees and qualifications.

We have secured his picture are posting it here so that not a single person can be scammed by this low-life fraud, cheat and uneducated beggar.

Perfect Universe

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