Perfect Teeth Westminster, CO / Poor Patient Relations

Avoid this dental schlock house!

I was a patient here for eight years. During that period I lost track of the number of hygienists I had and capped out at dentist number four, Dr. Kai. Dr, Kai seems to have other complaints on the Internet too I see. I am not sure if this situation is his doing or if it is corporate policy handed down from Perfect Teeth's corporate office.

Here is the scoop, I get a 30 second periodic oral exam (insurance language for checking your filings and asking a few questions) followed by a referral to an oral surgeon for bone grafting. Granted I have serious problem. I went back to the office to ask some questions of Dr. Kai and was told I needed to schedule another appointment, 1/2 hour for $30 to meet with him. When asked if I could talk by phone or email, I was told no, I'd need an appointment.

Subsequently when I went to pay that additional portion that my insurance did not cover after they ran it through their office claim system, I asked again to have Dr. Kai call or email me. No response.

Perhaps Perfect Teeth uses the likes of United Airlines in modeling their service to patients. Loyalty counts for nothing at Perfect Teeth. Staff like Dr. Kai are arrogant, young and very inexperienced business people that in the long run will fail. And that should be the worst thing that should ever happen.

I have moved to a private dentist that has better insurance acceptance and spent 35 minutes reviewing my case by phone before I met him. Oh, he answered his own phone too. That's patient relations. Wake up Perfect Teeth or you join the ranks of the reorganized sooner or later.


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