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1 Concord, CA, United States Review updated:

The Perfect Locks hair I received was very bad hair. It matted up on the first wash. The matting was too bad to use the hair again. I paid $700.00 for this hair. The company would not refund me any of my money. The hair I received was not human hair. I have used bad hair before but I can sincerely say that this was my worst experience with so called human hair. I really feel stupid for buying human hair online. I do not wish this experience upon anyone. The web site that I ordered from was


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  • Br
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    Have you called BBB? I want too.

  • Mi
      24th of Oct, 2009
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    Shoulda bought virgin hair online from me! I would have saved you probably 450 bucks and heartache! Look for me on ebay at [protected]@ I have heard a lot of complaints from gals who bought from Perfectlocks and were pretty unhappy. Sure, occasionally you get a bad piece of hair, it can happen, but to have a whole head mat up is pretty bad. I feel sorry for you. Miss K

  • Dj
      2nd of Jan, 2010
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    As much as it pains me to write a bad review on this Perfect Locks company (this is my first time writing reviews online), I have had the same horrible experience as others on here. I bought 4oz of handtied 16" custom order hair from (because the #2 colour wasn't available otherwise) after MUCH research on quality indian hair. I came across so many good reviews/testimonials that this seemed like the only reasonable choice. Not to mention their prices per oz were cheaper than every other reputable company, and their website was very well put together with many positive before & after pictures. I don't live in the US so the hair was supposed to be shipped between 7-10 days according to the website. 10 business days later & still no hair, so I email them to inquire whether my shipment had been lost or encountered border problems. The next day I received a reply from Priyanka saying "You placed a custom order with us which takes about 10-14 days to get here and then we ship it out. We received our stock today and your product has been shipped out. We have upgraded your shipping to Express which takes 5 days and have not charged extra for it." This rush order didn't really help me because my hair stylist is known as the best "weaveologist" in my country & does hair for celebrities/the fashion industry & for film/tv therefore he is only in town everyother week always overbooked, with him you have to make appointments well in advance so I had to reschedule my appointment & push it back 2 weeks later. But I appreciated the prompt reply & understood that a custom order would take longer. However, no where on the website did it mention that custom orders took an extra 10-14 days to process! If I had known that my order really would be received within 17-24 days instead of 7-10 I wouldn't have bothered to do a custom order in the first place! I doubt others would too, but on to the hair...
    When I received the hair 5 days after the email reply, I noticed that the hair was alot more dry & dull than I was used to with virgin indian hair that I had purchased before. The ends (last 2" of the hair) were very thin, wispy & frizzy. Upon shaking the hair (still in the bundle) I found that it was stiff & didn't swing like virgin indian hair I was used to. At this point it was the day before my hair appointment & I REALLY needed my hair done so I didn't bother to return it. I also thought that it would look a lot better once I had it installed. I was right... for a week! My stylist did a very good job at cutting & styling it, he layered it to give the hair more volume & did loose curls. Upon looking at the hair (before styling) he was a little worried & also noticed the dryness & thin, scraggly ends. We both agreed it would be best for him to cut off 2" of the hair- what was SUPPOSED to be 16" was basically 14". I almost heard my $$$ being flushed down the toilet. For that first week, my hair looked really good. After that, the hair went to all HELL. I take really good care of my natural hair/extensions- moisturize at least once a day, deteangle with widetooth comb/denman brush from the ends up, wrap it in a silk scarf at night, try to use minimal product in it. It started tangling & shedding almost as bad as Beauty Supply Store hair no matter what I did. I thought that washing/deep conditioning it once a week instead of biweekly would solve the problem, but it only helped a little & was a TERROR to keep detangled & from shedding in the shower. No matter how much I moisturize & gently detangle, it's a dry, dull puffball with loose, shedded hairs dangling from the ends an hour later. The other night my mother tried helping me get some of the tangles out & said "This is really bad, I think this is the worst I've ever seen it! How much did you spend on this again? You did soooo much research & said this hair was the best...I told you not to buy stuff off the internet." I hate when she's right. I am really embarrassed & disappointed that I spend this much money on such a dissatisfactory product.
    The last virgin indian hair I had lasted 8 months & never acted like this, all I had to do was moisturize (scrunch to activate curls) and go! This hair is doing EVERYTHING the company said it WOULDN'T do! From all the positive reviews/testimonials & information on the website I thought I had found a goldmine! I'm still kind of in denial & think maybe I got a bad batch or something, & kind of want to buy from them again to see if the next batch will be better, but I don't have to money to take chances. Really thought I'd struck oil with Perfect Locks, but right now I'm going to need oil/serum to tame this crap.

    **Attached are pictures 1 month after install, right after being moistured with a 70%/30% water/glycerin mix & detangled (as much as possible)

  • Da
      12th of Aug, 2010
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    I ordered hair from after thoroughly researching ratings, testimonies against complaints & realized with an A- grade from the BBB it was worth a chance. I ordered my hair express mail at Noon EST on yesterday & at 7:55 a.m TODAY Federal Express was knocking on my front door! I opened the packaging & felt the most amazing softness I have EVER experienced from a weave! I am sitting in a salon in perfect awe at how great & natural my new locks look & feel!! The testimonials are REAL!! My natural wavy virgin REMY was worth every penny & I am looking forward to a wonderful union with this company!!!

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