Perfect Food Company Inc aka Natures Perfect FoodsHemp products scam


Perfect Food Company Inc that sells hemp products is managed by Ryan Sharp who poses as its president and the hemp distributor is a robbery in a broad daylight. It has two websites - one Canadian: and the other American at: .
This man steals singlehandedly money from orders placed through his site with no intention of ever fulfilling it. When you call him - he has an automated message being played saying that the company is experiencing significant shipment delays.Your money is gone and you have no product in your hands. This scam artist has the scheme well set-up. He uses legitimate services such as Credit Card processing and PayPal. He even has a VeriSign seal that is valid till 2010 which means Credit Card transactions are safe, but... you will not see your money back.
I decided to make this video as a warning to others who are looking for organic hemp products online and think it will be less expensive to buy in bulk with the free shipping offer. Beware. This is a fraud.
Please check Better Business Bureau (Vancouver branch) online - you will find under Perfect Food Company 22 complaints filed since February 2009. None resolved. This business, not affiliated with BBB, received F mark (the lowest possible) and is still going! The reports have been filed with the Canadian police - RCMP in Vancouver as well as with other government agencies dealing with consumer fraud in Canada and in the USA (IC3). [redacted]s website has a complaint published about this scam as well as iContactCommunity. All this information you will find in the video. In spite of the complaints and reports the site is still operating - hopefully not for long though. Please stay away from those thieves and seek an honest and legitimate company that will deliver the product you need.


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