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Perfect Body / Unauthorized charges

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I went to Perfect Body; I was verbally promised that the Vela process would take inches from my tummy. The Vela is a vacuum type machine that releases some laser radiation which is suppose to help melt fat and you drink water to flush it out. I was told it could tighten the skin on my tummy and underarms. I paid $6800.00 for seven sessions. The process was painful, but not intolerable. I did not see any difference after the first treatment, but I was in so much pain and I was discolored for days. I was assured that it’s a process and it does not work immediately. I told the tec during the treatment that the machine was burning me, and she told me that if she turned it down low I wouldn’t get the same results, yet Patrick (salesperson) told me we could keep it at lowest level for all session to ensure comfort.

The salesperson told me that the service could be financed through Chase Health Advance for o% pre-payment penalty for 48 months. I explained to him that I did not need financing and I would pay per visit. He insisted that I take financing and hold on to my money. I told him no. He said, I should just take the financing as the company gives him a $200 bonus when I send them clients, and I would really be helping him out. The first bill arrived for $6802.60. When I called to inquire why, they said interest is applied daily and I now owe $6830.00, with additional interest since bill was mailed. I told Patrick to reverse charges as I was upset at the audacity of the finance company, and I was not comfortable with procedure. I said to him “The procedure is extremely painful, I did not see any results, and the finance company is charging me interest when I actually don’t need them”. He convinced me to do another session. I said “I need the situation fixed as this is not a marriage and if I am not happy at the end of this session I don’t need to hear from you, you don’t need to hear from me”. After I paid them in full before due date I still received a bill for an additional $52.13.

After second session I was still in pain and again no result. This is when I said this is a waste of money. I called the finance company and filed a dispute. Perfect Body told the finance company that I had all my treatments. Hence no refund.

I started doing research. There was a brochure on Patrick’s desk stating that the machine was FDA cleared, I asked what that meant as I knew what FDA approved meant, he said it was the same thing, the words were interchangeable. This is not true, he deliberately lied to me as he saw I was impressed that the procedure was FDA approved. I also have too much body fat for the procedure, I am not a candidate for Vela, it is more for body contouring, I needed weight loss or liposuction.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB,, I hired an attorney and am taking them to small claims court. I am still looking for a refund. I would like to save others the money and the time and pain. I am going to make it my task to let everyone know about “Perfect Body”. I will do whatever it takes to let everyone know about their unscrupulous ways, and deceptive practices. I am getting ready to contact every media available to spread the word. I am extremely angry and feel like someone held me up and robbed me of my hard earned money. What also kills me is every time I open my mailbox there is an ad from them in a magazine or there wonderful colored flier. Don’t be fooled, and if you already have been please contact me.

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  • Jo
      16th of May, 2016
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    I fooled as well! When did you go?

  • Jo
      16th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    I was fooled also. When did you go? My Sales lady made me sign up to a c/c with extremely high interest. Although I told her I had Credit with enough funds, but since she was giving me a great deal she couldn't give me the 0% interest card. That's BS

  • Dk
      15th of Dec, 2017
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    oh boy was i scammed too. March 2017 I went for a consult. Thinking this would only cost around $3000. Before even taking photos the sales woman told me what areas I would be needing. She showed me a lot of before and after Photos of other people and I thought ok this is perfect for me. She offered me a package priced at $18000. YES $18K. I told her I could not and would not spend that kind of money. I am not over weight but could loss 10 pounds. I am a size 6 or 8. She then adjusted the package and threw in the skin toning for free. I got 7 visits all together. Tummy, sides, legs. Each day I drank my water, went to the gym 3-4 days per week. I did not gain any weight but I also was not losing any inches. After the first few weeks I was told it would start showing after the fifth treatment well still nothing. Then I was told it would come off after one month of the final treatment. I finished my treatments in June. In august I went in for my posted review. I was told that I did loss an inch LOL but it could take until January to see the actual results. Well I am getting ready to schedule my next post appointment to only hear more BS from them. Oh BTW I ended up spending $10k for this. I am still paying it off. I am sick over the fact I was ripped off.

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