Perdue honey bbq wingsContents versus label

Chicken Wings -- Honey BBQ - 5 lb bag. Hello, I purchased the above listed product which was being displayed/samples in Costco. The representative stated there are approximately 60 wings per bag which also matches your product information stating 19 servings x 3 wings equalling approximately 57 wings. I just pulled a brand new bag out to prepare and have all of them on sheet trays. My bag only contained 36 wings. Don't get me wrong, I realize they equal 5 lbs, but I expected the count to be closer to the 57, rather than 37% less in the bag based on count. My frustration is because of the audience I was feeding and I expected to have a much greater number of wings, albeit smaller. In closing, in the interest of the consumer and to aide in planning, Purdue needs to ensure the product descriptionis more accurate. Thank you for your time. KATHLEEN S Krupa. 550 MELIMARE Dr, Galena, Ohio 43021 - [protected]

Jan 31, 2015

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