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Peppers / Bad service

1 3565 Austell Rd SWMarietta, GA, United States Review updated:

I went on a Friday night with a group of co-workers... it started with 4 of us but we told our server there would be more coming and she said not to worry, she would accommodate... we arrived about 4:30 p.m. - the table was marked "2 hour limit - thanks for understanding"... a little while later, 2 more people showed up.. we squeezed into the booth that was made for 4 and continued to order... at about 6:30 p.m. 2 more people showed up and we asked the waitress to "accommodate us" ... she told us she couldn't because a big party came into the bar and she couldn't take the chairs... we asked to move to a bigger booth and were told by the manager (Mr. I don't know what Customer Service means) that we would have to put our name on the list ... frustrated, 4 people paid their tab and left - did I mention a 15% gratuity is added to the check? So why bother to give good customer service when you're getting a tip anyway! so now there are 4 of us at the table, we're still drinking... chatting with the dj who has just arrived and setting up behind our table... we order more drinks and one person orders a grilled chicken salad... the waitress brings the drinks, the food and the bills... we're looking at each other like "who asked for the checks?" ... and she says "we need the table" ... so I ripped up the checks and tell her "when we're finished our food and drinks, we'll ask for our check" ... she walks away and here comes Mr. Personality - the manager... he says we need this table... and I said well you just served us drinks and food, so if you needed the table, you shouldn't have continued to serve us... because he was getting loud, another person at our table starts to shout back at him ... so along comes a man who claims to be the owner (he doesn't have customer service skills either) of my co-workers walked out the door as "security" was coming in to get us... I continue to try to talk to the owner and manager - I basically tell them that we saw the "2-hour limit rule" 4-1/2 hours ago ... and he said consider myself lucky that they let me stay that long (gee - I wonder if it had something to do with the money we were spending) ... so I told him you just served us food and drinks so if we have to leave, I'm not paying for them... Mr. Personality - the manager - snatched the salad off the table and said he would remove it from the check... "what about the drinks?" ... I said that's great - I'm not paying for anything... and Mr. Owner said well I'll call the police... and I said that's fine with me... I'll go wait outside (because now people were starting to watch and I wasn't up for entertaining)... so we go outside and Cobb County's finest arrives... I explain what happened and basically was told he has a right to tell me to leave his property... and if I leave without paying the bill, I would be arrested! ... Mr. Owner just sat there on a bar stool that his security team usually sits on and watched... I gave them my credit card, paid the bill ... and I went to the owner and told him I didn't mind the policy but he needed to learn to enforce it correctly... either adhere to the 2-hour limit or if you're going to allow people to stay longer, at least give them warning that they have a certain amount of time left before you tell them to get out! The waitress came over during the conversation and said "well you had the salad for over 30 minutes!" .. that's when I almost went to jail - first of all, what was trailer trash doing working there when she should have been at a Waffle House - and then she comes in my face and tells a bold faced lie... if the manager or owner even paid attention, the salad hadn't been touched because my girlfriend went to wash her hands before eating... regardless, I would NEVER, EVER PATRONIZE THIS ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN!! And, oh by the way, while we were in the parking lot talking, another group of patrons had been tossed from their table as well - and they were there to celebrate a birthday... the owner had enough nerve to tell me if I ever came back again I would be arrested for CRIMINAL TRESPASSING ... that had to be a joke because I can think of 20 other places that would love to have my money... I started to tell him I have been thrown out of better places, but I've never been thrown out of anywhere! And, let me just say, this is not the first time my co-workers joined each other at this establishment. Three weeks earlier, there were at least 10 of us; we stayed past the "supposed" 2-hour limit on the table; pulled up chairs to our table; and the owner's wife came over and greeted us (she obviously knows what good customer service is)... the only complaint that week is the server told us he couldn't do separate checks (a lie, because we all received separate checks this week without even asking)... he just didn't want to be bothered doing separate checks!

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      19th of May, 2009
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    Criminal Trespass is the de facto response of short tempered manager types who don't know a thing about customer service. They simply oust anyone who has a valid complaint. It's their business, their job on the line, and they don't want anyone causing a stir or getting them into trouble with their boss(es). They believe that by evicting you quickly, their other guests (and their superiors) will assume you were the source of the problem. If you were to make a loud and convincing case before being ousted or dealt with properly, they believe this could damage their position more by encouraging more complaints.

    The "Criminal Trespass Tactic" is used to intimidate other customers into not complaining. They wanted to make an example of you. You should go through the proper channels to make their plan backfire by filing for a permit to protest/boycott on or near their property. Organize, educate, and fight back against bully tactics.

    These tactics are becoming more and more common as businesses buy up more and more police officers. We're undergoing a societal devolution into a feudal era in which merchants are the feudal lords, and the knights used to exploit the people are the city police. How long before we stand up and fight back? I think it's time we start blacklisting businesses that use this tactic. Anyone interested in starting a list of businesses with the heading "Criminal Trespass Tactic Used to Avoid Customer Service Complaints?"

    While it is, indeed, within their rights to refuse service to anyone, they must understand that to do so as a method of intimidation poses serious concerns about their business ethics. Had I been there the same night as you, I would have demanded to be ejected as well. If only everyone there took a stand with you, the manager would have had to eject everyone in order to eject you. Such a mass expulsion of paying customers would have given the owner considerable pause in using this tactic. Of course, most people are only concerned with themselves and their immediate convenience instead of being concerned with right and wrong. As such, we must educate the people or face serfdom.

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      31st of Jan, 2010
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    I've had issues at this location as well. The employees are very unprofessional and rude. I think there shut down now.

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      21st of Jul, 2016
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    Peppers - Bad Customer Service & Lying
    Peppers Restaurant and Bar
    3565 Austell Rd
    United States

    One Friday night, I had a group of 9 and the greeter sat us a 2 booths next to one another. They had a display for the 2 hour limit on the table..Once I asked them about the 2 hr limit, she said that it was ok...and went back to the front. We had been there for a good 3 hrs when I got up to go to the restroom. We had placed our orders and eaten most of our food.(Not that the food is good either). Came back and my scarf and keys had been moved. I returned to the table to find 6 other people sitting at our table (the others were dancing, I forgot to add). I asked where my things were and they said that the white lady had moved them. I proceeded to go to the front and ask her why she moved my things; she stated that the waiter said that we were gone..(with his missing teeth self). I was really mad at this point because, when I went to ask, she had an attitude w/me, because I asked her where my things were and why had she moved them?

    She took me to the other table where the rest of my party was and said here they are, I was really mad and displayed that to here and the other female at the front. She stated that they needed the table, well someone should've told us while we were moving around, because the waiter saw us dancing and moving around. I went to the other table w/the rest of my party for another 3 mins to say that I was leaving. They left w/me.
    The manager's and the owner customer service is very bad. The waitresses/waiters aren't all that great either. They're understaffed for one and on top of that they have attitudes w/the customers that are spending a lot of money at this this place that is supposed to be an establishment. They're not established just yet.

    I guess they feel as though they can talk to people any kind of way and continue to keep this business open, it won't be for long once everyone finds out what's going on here. There should be more complaints about this place. They lie about they'll take care of you, that's just to get you in when there's no crowd...when the crowd starts to come, instead of telling the customer that there will be a long wait, they kick customers out(those not at the 2 hr limit table also) and start to get greedy. Greed will get you nowhere and that bad ### customer service won't either.

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