Peppers ExpressERG System/time in the shop

In 2013 we purchased an International Pro Star Plus with a Max Force engine. Bought brand new with 54 miles on it from at that time from Diamond International in Little Rock, Arkansas. From the first trip out to California, the clutch went out. From that day for the next year and a half this truck has been in and out of the shop for 23 times. From warranty work to major work. We struggled trying to keep up with the payments, repairs, insurance and our meeting our regular day to day expenses until, I finally called and talked to owner out of Memphis, AR at that time. We all had a meeting and we explained our situation. Told them we was on the verge of losing EVERYTHING we have, due to the fact this truck stayed in the shop more than it was on the road. They did step in and make 2 payments for us and did a diagnostic check. Told us everything was fixed...WRONG. Even went as far as to tell owner, that I had a great deal for him, which was take my truck back and give me a new one laughed and told me he couldn't do that.
Now, here it is 2017, still battling to save our business. Truck has had major problems and we've had to file bankruptcy. Truck has been in the shop just about every other week and sitting there now due to the EGR SYSTEM and sitting there now waiting to be repaired.. AGAIN, but, will not because of money issues. All our repairs have always been paid, but, now after the situations we've had we are totally drained along with our parents. Nobody should have to go through what we're going through. You buy a brand new truck and expect some issues but, not this and then the technicians should know there jobs.
Now, our, truck isn't worth the tires that are on it and only valued at $22, 000..can't trade it in, , has ruined our credit and can't even make a living.

Jan 19, 2017

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