Peoples Jewelers / Bad experience

1 United States

I purchased a Tissot watch from Peoples Jewelers in Newmarket Ontario, Canada, 2 years 3 months ago.
I returned the watch about 2 weeks after I bought it because it would not keep time. They replaced the watch on the spot with another one on the spot.
Just before Christmas I brought it in for service because the minute hand would not go past the 2.
They sent it to a Tissot repair center for a estimate for repair. Please keep in mind that this watch was worn 5 times since I bought it.
They called me in mid January with a estimate of $275 for a "complete overhaul". This is a watch I bought on sale for $200.
In fairness to the store I bought it from they said they would do it for half that, because of the condition of the watch, but I declined.
I have been a steady customer there for a few years dealing with them strictly for my jewelery .
With my past experience I would not recommend buying a Tissot watch, especially from them.


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