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People To People Ambassador Program / Misleading and Fraudulent

1 Spokane, WA, United States

The below email was sent after I was told I would not get my refund. After these emails were sent, I made another call and was told not only would I not get my $400, but that I now owed $500, but they would waive that. My local tv news station was very interested and I also received a reply from our Lt. Governor, who directed me in my next steps. I forwarded his email to People to People and within 30 minutes, someone called from Spokane and said that they would give me my $400 back. Also, if you read the story regarding the Hills and their son who died, I would like to make you aware that the last person who called me said that the report of the child begging to be taken to a hospital was a lie. Its no longer just about the money to me.

My son, Nick xxxx, is having to withdraw due to some very serious health issues. I called the 800 number today to find out about receiving my downpayment refund ($400) and I was told that he would only receive $155 of the $400 back. When I asked about the other $245, I was told by Annette that the $245 was for insurance. Insurance for whom? My son isn't attending. I am a single mother with 3 teenagers, but I was trying to get my son to Europe, an opportunity that he may never get, and because of his health issues, he cannot attend. So here's the scenario as I see it. A child and his parent(s) get a letter stating that he has been nominated to go on this absolutely chance of a lifetime trip. Come to a meeting and we're presented with this incredible dog and pony show and its backed by the legendary name of Dwight D. Eisenhower. It is explained by the People to People representative that each child must turn in an application and then set up an interview before it is decided whether the child can go on this fabulous trip. And in order for the application to be processed, a $400 downpayment has to be made to People to People. Each child is given a booklet filled with info and an application. So this is done and the child makes it through the interview. of two things happen - either the child, who has a health history, becomes much sicker and should not make the trip - or, especially in this day and time, the poor parent(s) realize they cannot afford $6500+ that they need to come up with in a matter of 2-3 months. So, breaking the child's heart and/or dream, the parent(s) have to cancel. And when they call to get the $400 they put down, they are told that they will only get back $155, the other $245 is for insurance. Whose insurance??? Not the child, because he's not going.

Now, this really sounds like a racket. And I am in the position to have this researched - I work for the Chiefs of Police for the entire state of Georgia . I will take this to the news media, I will take this to the governor's office, I will take this to my U.S. Senator - I will take it to whereever I have to so that no one is ever taken in by this money-making scheme again. I am mad. I am a single mother whose child has taken a drastic turn for the worse (unexpectedly) in his health. I wanted to give him this and now he can't go, through no fault of our own. I will be very curious to find out how many people have been taken in by this scam. I will not stop until this is STOPPED. And I get my entire $400 back. Furthermore, when I called this morning and talked to Annette and explained to her that my son might be dying, she basically laughed and said too bad, I signed a document and I'm only going to get the $155 back. I will give this program a black-eye, I will assure you this.


Donna M. Tuborgh

P.S. Please note - a copy of this email has been sent to Governor Sonny Perdue and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

Please be aware, I will not stop until you are.

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