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I ordered an information report on a person. I had signed up for their lowest get 5 reports for $19.99. I got a report on the person I needed info on and the address of the person was the incorrect address therefore they had very little information on him. I knew the correct address. Well, I thought OK, I learned a lesson on this type of company and took the $19.99 loss.
Then a few days later, I see a charge on my bank statement for 24.99. Apparently, without my knowledge, I had agreed to a membership for 24.99 per month. So, I called them. Of course I was told I signed up for that, they would go ahead and cancel my membership but the 24.99 was NON REFUNDABLE as well as my money spent for an incorrect report. Apparently, there is some fine print that I didn't see.
So, I spent $45.00 for nothing.
In my opinion, they are nothing but scammers and thieves.

May 29, 2015

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