Pentecostal Church Of God / DO NOT Donate to his organization because the money is NOT used for God's work

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I will keep this as short as possible, but I really could write a book about this place.

I am not using my name on this report but it will not be anonymous to them as they know exactly who I am.

I am a software developer and worked there from 2000 until I quit on my own accord in mid 2013. Up until that time I wrote, managed and maintained their accounting, contribution, credential database/system.

Any money you send in will go towards fancy remodeling, entertainment, conferences, vacations and perks for the Bishop(s) and the other department heads & district leaders. It will be spent on creating a lavish illusion that does not really exist. PCG got a big windfall after the 2011 Joplin tornado from the sale of the property to the local hospital, and they wasted it on lavish remodeling of some old building in Bedford Texas and then the rest of the money was wasted trying to get QuickBooks to work.

I was told that they were going to QuickBooks because the "Bishop" did not like me and wanted me gone and he was not concerned how much it cost them. Anyway, many million dollars later they are still using my system (it is evident by my public website that is still up and running and using my design and code).

Keep in mind, The "Bishop" continually told me and everyone else that my work was no good and was archaic and did not work, so this is significant that they are still using it after they claim to have converted to quickbooks in 2012.

I can tell from the public website that they are still my whole system. They were wasting money paying clerks to do double data entry for a few years, and it looks like they are still doing that or they just tossed the quickbooks idea along with all the money altogether since I was the problem and I am now gone.

I continued to help them out when they asked up until mid Jan 2014, and the last time they asked me to do something they did not pay me. (I was only clocking in at $15 an hour at less than 2 hours each time when ever they needed something, so expense should not have been an issue). I did email and ask about the payment and I was ignored and then I got a text a few weeks ago telling me that my VPN was being turned off. So I guess that is that.

They really should take "Church Of God" out of their name because it is more of a secret fraternity than anything. The current bishop even did away with the weekly chapel services, and towards then end the chapel was more of a presentation of extension fund or something and not any type of devotional out of the bible.

Towards the end of my stint there, they were always trying to get the missions departments to give them the total for the undesignated contributions. In their by-laws money is suppose to be spent for what people designate it for, but I heard they were trying to get that changed, so when that happens they will just use any money on what every they want and not what you ask it to be spent on.

Also, PCG Extension Fund, beware. it is not fdic insured.

Google Messenger College and Euless Texas, they had low income and disabled families evicted in Euless Texas for their Messenger College.

Also, when PCG left Joplin most of the Joplin employees were left unemployed, and denied unemployment benefits because PCG did not pay for the insurance.

Anyway, I just don't' want people wasting their hard earned money sending it to them thinking they are tithing or giving to God because they are NOT. Please find other non-profits to donate to, or do like God instructed to do with the tithe. In the Bible the tithe was to be Eaten before the lord at a celebration at a place that he chose.

Read the tithing laws for yourself and don't believe the lies they tell to try to separate you from your money.

Don't believe the wolves in sheep's clothing. They are wolves trying to separate you from your money and keep you in bondage. Please read your King James Bible yourself and don't listen to what the religious leaders have to say.

Pentecostal Church Of God

Mar 1, 2014

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