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Pentax - Pentax Optio W20 / Worst ever customer service story

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I can top your worst ever customer service story.

I bought a Pentax Optio W20 from Navy Exchange. It looks beautiful! Its features include "Water proof" and "Shockproof." I live on an island, so waterproof is always good to have. In less than 4 months, the camera wouldn't turn on. I searched the web for service center (wasn't easy), and finally got to Golden, Colorado.

I mailed out my camera and it was received on June 8. By July 10, I received no feedback from Pentax. So, I sent two emails asking about the progress of my repair. Two people responded saying your camera has been repaired and sent out on July 12. I received a letter dated July 19 saying it will cost $185 to repair your camera.

So, I sent another email asking what is going on?

PENTAX: Their reply (again two different people), "we received your camera again on July 18, and discovered water damage not covered in the warranty."

ME: My response - Wait a minute, you said you mailed it to me on July 12 and then received it back on July 18? Impossible as I live on Guam and USPS doesn't have that kind of turn around. Add to that, I live on the other side of the international date line.

PENTAX: Oh, the post office must have sent it back to us.

ME: If my address is listed as addressee and yours is listed as return address. Wouldn't you just verify my address and re-send? If you opened the package and logged the camera into your tracking system, wouldn't it indicate it was mailed out on July 12?

PENTAX: Our CHIEF TECHNICIAN took a look at it and determined that your "waterproof" camera had water damage and would cost more to repair than to replace it.

ME: What? Now, you are saying it is beyond economic repair?

PENTAX: Yep, do you want it fixed? You still owe us $$$ to fix it.

By the way, it took 45 minutes of being put on hold, transferring, retelling my problem to get connected to a person who could "help." Then, they ask "would you like to speak with a Spanish speaking representative?" "Huh? am I not speaking English to you?"

Bottom line: We lied to you when we said we fixed it and shipped it out to you. The two people who told you so can't read the service record, the intake people can't read either.

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