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Pennzoil / Very bad service

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I will start with this fact. This is the 5th car that I have owned. I have always taken care of my cars with regular maintenance and anytime a repair is needed, it is done as soon as it can be scheduled with the repair shop. That being said, I have had numerous oil changes with 5 cars. I have two Brothers In Law who work at automotive dealerships and over the years have become familiar with cars and the importance of service and maintenance. I have NEVER had to replace a fluid between oil changes with the exception of windshield washer fluid of course. The car that I currently own alone has had many oil changes as I have 67, 000 miles on it. This car has had brakes, tires and oil changes. That's it. It is well-maintained. I had previously had my oil changes done at the dealership or when short on time visited Valvoline Oil Change Centers. I did not use Pennzoil because my Father had his truck to a Pennzoil and was told something was checked and he proved to them that it was not. However, my Fiance used Pennzoil and for the past 3-4 oil changes has taken my car to Pennzoil Locations. He took it mostly to the one located at Village Square Mall, 2600 Oxford Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, 15102 and at least one time to the location on Beechwood Boulevard in Pittsburgh, PA. Since he has had free top-off of fluids at the Banksville Road location he was under the
impression and expressed to me that this was true for all of the Pennzoil 10 minute Oil Change locations. This is incorrect as we found out recently. It is also incorrect that they even check all of the fluids. Their service as stated on the web-site and a service card he received states that they check and fill Power steering fluid. My car is parked on a cement driveway and if there were any leaks, it would be very easily detected. There are no spots on the driveway. January 21, 2006 was the last oil change and the service was "done" at the Village Square Mall location. On March 25th, 2006 I had my car in for brakes (front) replacement and the tires rotated at Goodyear. Had there been a leak, it would have been noticed then as well. On March 28th I noticed a noise when I turned my steering wheel indicating to me that my power steering fluid was low. The next day it was worse so I was off on March 30th and went to the Village Square Mall location. I told the person who approached my car that the power steering fluid needed filled up. They checked it and said it would take a bottle of the fluid. Now, that was really low. I told him my oil change was not due until 4-21-06 - why was it so low. He wanted to know if I wanted my service done then (3-31-06). I said no, it was not time and don't you do free top-off of fluids between
service. He stated no, that they do not. I had it filled and was charged $5.00. I informed him that I did not believe that it was checked during my last visit and I would not be back to Pennzoil for an oil change. My Fiance who uses Pennzoil all the time contacted Steve Liadis at [protected] and explained to him what had happened. He is in charge of the Village Square, Beechwood Blvd. and Banksville Road Pennzoil locations. Steve stated that they do not offer free top-offs and if he receives them at the Banksville location "they must like you". Wonder what that means? Does that mean that the service techs at Village Square do not like me?? Are certain services performed for free if they like you and not performed if the don't like you?? Steve stated that he wanted to speak with the Village Square Location and get "their side of the story". Steve stated that if my fluid was that low, there must be a leak. That is incorrect. He also stated that the cars do not use the fluid. Well, he must not be familiar with how cars work. Steve stated to my Fiance that after he spoke to the techs he would call him back, he has not done this. I do not have a problem with them not offering free top-off of fluids between visits. I could understand if I went in and asked for the windshield wiper fluid to be topped-off and they did not do that. You go
through a lot of that in the winter and spring. My problem is this: at the last oil change the power steering fluid was not checked and filled. We just checked the driveway and there are no fluids on it. The fluid is not leaking. I just have to wonder today, what else did they not check and charge me for?? I can tell you this with all certainty. I will be having my oil change service done at a more reputable place. I know I will pay more but I will be paying for a service that I am receiving instead of paying for a service and it is not done. I am not saving money if they are not completing proper maintenance on my car that down the road could cause major problems. I work in an office of approximately 40 people. Can you guess what the water cooler topic will be on Monday??

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      1st of Oct, 2011
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    Pennzoil - oil change
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    had an oil change done on a brand new hyandai elantra. after driving the car a few weeks it started to act up to the point where i had to get it towed to the dealership. The dealership found pennzoil stickers stuck to the engine. also all the oil leaked out all over the motor. pennzoil had put the WRONG filter on my car which led to all these problems. I was told if I drove the car much further it would have done extensive damage. I have called pennzoil 4 times so far, sending them my receipts as asked and was told I would receive a call from the owner. It has been 4 weeks now and Im still getting the run-around when I call. The owner is either at his daughters wedding or on vacation. I have heard other stories from other people with this same complaint. What kind of employees are they hiring to do this work. Not competent or knowledgeable, thats for sure. I will take this further. All I expected was a call back from someone. Very poor business ethics.

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