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i bought $550 hair from india, brought it to the shop and paid $325 up front for the full extention job which included a perm and color, and the owner ordered a woman to rinse the color out of my extensions without my knowledge that this was an unlicensed friend helping out at the shop. i had to come back to the shop an additional two days for her to try and repair the damage, and this time, she had the friends daughter, a 14 year old girl, helping out at the shop, doing shampoos, etc. my extensions came out thin, straggly and choppy, and i ultimately had to go do somebody else to spend over $100 weaving in my old extensions to replace the body that was lost and spaces fill in spaces, and then i had to cut my new hair to match the old hair because the new hair was way longer, but too thin at the ends. the owner refused to give me one red cent of a refund. the owner does good hair- i went to her a few times at the shop where she worked. but as soon as she opened up her own shop, she left her customers to get their hair done by unlicensed friends and underaged teens, and that is wrong. i paid almost $1000 for this botched job. do not EVER go to this salon...

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  • Mo
      Dec 10, 2008

    i forgot to add the reason why my extensions were damaged is because the woman that washed my extensions washed them in cirlces and the extensions matted. THAT was the damage. severely tangled knots had to be brushed and cut out from my hair...tisk tisk...

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  • Pr
      Nov 01, 2010

    I must agree, I experienced a similiar situation in which the owner would allow friends and other unlicensed people wash out chemicals out of my hair. My hair has thinned off and broke off so bad that I had to cut my hair all off because it wouldn't grow on the left side and the the front of my hair, I then returned to a black hair salon for a fresh cut and much needed hair care.
    Its been over a year and my hair is finally starting to grow out evenly since I left Penelope Hair Salon.
    The reason why I chose Penelope from the beginning was the affordability and she was was highly recommended by a family member. I guess you get what you pay for (SMH)
    My Initial the experience was beautiful until she opened her own hair salon and grew her cliental. I then felt brushed off to her new clients and my hair care wasn't important. She became less interested and not as caring of my hair care and growth as she was initially when I was a new client.
    Her pricing was reasonable but if you wanted cuts and weave her pricing was ridiculous.
    I could go to a black stylist for weave and pay for half of what she charged and my hair would look much better.
    I hope she gets it together because she is definately jeopardizing her business and cliental and at a high risk of being sued. I for one is a person who is very very funny about my hair and she is definately luck I didnt go that route.
    She has the potential to be a good stylist but like so many. You get a business and some clients IT COES TO YOUR HEAD!!!
    From what I am hearing she has lost alot of good clients. I hope she is not still doing this to clients. As a woman I love to get my hair done on the regular basis and I expect for my stylist to be professional, courteous and caring toward myself and my hair care needs especially for all the money they want for hair services!!!

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