Pedipaws / misleading advertising and overcgarging

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I bought the pedipaws nail cutter with ten extra blades and complimentary shed ender. I was told that the pedipaws cost 19.99 and the extra blades 9.99. Adding shipping and handling o7 7.99 it should add up to to only 37.77. I was offered a trial promo of a discount card called Buyer's edge and My advisor at one dollar promotional fee for a one month trial period.``I accepted this making the total chargeable to my mastercard the amount of 38.77. Instead I see in my credit card statement I had been charged 53.00 USD. I called the Pedipaws Customer Service to inquire why I had been charged this much I was told theat I was charged another 7.99 for separate handling of their complimentary "Shed ender" which came in the same small box as the Pedipaws nailcutter.`Even then, my bill should only amount to 45.76. Then the customer rep informed me that if I returned the product I would only receive my 35 USD back. I also called the "Buyer's Edge" Customer Service to complain that the promised card arrived more than two weeks after I ordered it leaving me only less than two weeks to use it. I am a tourist in the US so I would not have any use of this card since I was booked to return to my country by mid December.
I think that this company has deliberately mislead me as a customer who makes the mistake of ordering their product by phone. It seems I am not the first customer to complain about this.````````````````````````

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