Peck Enterprises Inc. / Sloppy work! Rude and over priced!

1 United States

Peck Enterprises Inc. of Webster, Tx. was hired to paint two bedrooms one bath and my utility room. Upon completion a month later the job was horrible. They did not repair any dings or bumps on the walls. They missed spots he did not prime the walls or tape off anything for smooth lines. Which he wrote in his estimate that all this would be done. They got paint all over my new wood floors. The job looked like my 10 year old had painted it. They then preceded to tell me that I owed more money on the bathroom because it required extra coats so They tact on another $600 for extras. My bathroom is extremely small. When I complained he became rude and insulting and refused to even look at the poor work. He was so rude and demanding that I became scared and paid him. Post dating the check because I did not have all the money he wanted. He said he would hold the check for 7 days. The next day he cashed the check and drained my bank account. He then sent me a txt laughing at me. All the rooms will have to be painted again. Very Very Unprofessional work. I am out a lot of money and I could have painted it better.


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