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Pearl Bridal House / NIghtmare

1 75 Lakeshore Road EastMississauga, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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This occurred last year, but I am still so upset about it, that I wanted to post this for anybody who would listen

I can say without a doubt that I spent a good 40 hours battling with the "Pearl Bridal House" in Port credit to get a dress that once fit perfectly, and now has been killed. for such an expensive article of clothing.. and for such an important day... this experience has been unreal. The staff is unbelievably rude, inconsiderate, and the manager is a coward who refused to deal with me in person.

I was supposed to get my dress back in July to start my fittings. It all started with the fact that they lost my dress to begin with... and called cancel my first fitting and could not tell me why.. that's where all the lies started. After weeks of phone calls...where nobody would pick up the phone unless I blocked my number, or return any phone messages or emails, August 7th I was "allowed" to come in and try my dress.

I tried it on... and it fit like a glove. It needed a very minor alteration, and i was told they would call me in a few days to come back and pick it up. 2 weeks later of phone call after phone call after messages galore. The only way I could get these people to answer the phone was to either block my number, or call from a friend's phone. They called me 2 days before my actual wedding to tell me I could come and pick up the dress... and no fitting was required because it would be perfect. I was so angry...and nobody could explain why they would not answer my calls. I was told..."we clear our voicemail 3 times daily ma'am... and we don't know what you are talking about.. you never left us a message." Can you say boiling blood!!!

When i "insisted" on trying me dress on... it was like putting on a dress that was 3 sizes too big for me. I immediately stated..."this is not the dress I purchased" and then i was told everything in the book from ...your bones shifted, your body shape changed, you grew, you shrunk... !!! I was beside myself. They promised me the dress would not leave the store and all alterations take place in their store. After crying in front of the seamstress, she felt bad and told me my dress had been shipped out for alterations. After this they said they would fix the dress... and that there was no other dress to be found, that I was basically crazy! I spent 6 hours at the store trying to fix the situation. I was told to come back the next day (august 22nd, 3 days before the wedding) at 530 sharp, as the seamstress' shift would be over. I sat in the store for 2 hours as I watched the seamstress run upstairs with my dress in hands. They never fixed it in time.

When I FINALLY got to try on the altered dress, they could not even do the dress up. This time I was rudely told that I must be getting my period, and that I am bloated. "don't you know that young women's body change right before a menstrual cycle???""!@!@! I said.."what the hell is going on here... this is INSANE!!!"

I was also told that they did not want to try and fix the dress that I paid for again.. and if the seamstress had to stay late that this was going to cost me "ALOT OF MONEY" They had to never to ask me..."can you come back again tomorrow?" I was so livid at this point. Needless to say I have ended up with a wedding dress that was not what I paid for.

There was a line up of girls at 930pm last night complaining... another girl who was telling me she is exhausted and has been crying for 2 days because they butchered her dress, and girl who was refusing to pay for alterations because they wouldn't call her back, and she was stuck there 2 days before her wedding was a dress that was not ready either. They would not release the dress to her, apologize, or give her a break in the least. After all the crap I went through, they wanted me to pay them $500 for alterations. The owner would not show her face... and they would not release the dress to me. I ended up paying $140 for a dress that didn't need alterations in the first place. I would not have been allowed to take the garment home otherwise.

I don't think a company should be able to operate in this manner. Ruin dresses so that you have to pay to fix them. I know I am not the first to experience this... but I didn't expect it from a boutique like the Pearl Bridal House. How can they degrade women and make them think something is wrong with their bodies?

Please do not buy anything from this store.

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  • Ol
      28th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have the feeling that mississlady actually works there. My future sister-in-law is already having issues with Pearl. For example, she made an appointment to go see the dress with friends and when she got there, they said the dress had been shipped out to be cleaned. Hmmmm.

  • Br
      27th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Oh woww, I'm scared now. I have an appointment with them tomorrow. It's my very first time, I hope they won't ruin my experience.

  • Ho
      24th of Apr, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Thanks everyone for their great comments... I WILL NOT BE VISITING THIS STORE!!!

  • Ho
      24th of Apr, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Thanks for the great feedback... I WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT BE GOING TO PEARL!!!

  • Km
      13th of Dec, 2014
    +1 Votes

    The shop is very cute and girly with a wonderful selection of bridal dresses…. Different colors, shapes…but not sizes. If you are a size 2 or 4, you will fit into most dresses, but it you are anything bigger, what you try on is very limited. Not only do the lack of sizes that make your experience unpleasant, it is the staff themselves. Most people working there seem very pretentious and appear to perceive themselves better than everyone else. Upon arrival, no one greeted us. After several minutes, we were asked to fill out a form. We did so and gave the form back. We were not told whether someone will see us soon or whether we can walk around and look at the dresses. We waited for almost 30 minutes. Why didn’t we ask anyone? They all seemed too busy to care and were not very approachable. We were finally approached by our sales lady – Patricia.
    The first several dresses my friend – the bride- wanted to try on were too small to even put on. That made all of us feel very uncomfortable. When the dress did fit, our sales lady, did not give a panel to put in the back and did not ask her how she felt. She did not pay attention to the opinions and feelings of our bride. She was chatting with other ladies in the salon. She did not make the bride feel comfortable and beautiful. We did not receive the attention that a bride to be deserves. Patricia was not even with us most of the time and when she was she was, as I mentioned before, she was chatting with other ladies in the store. Even when we were leaving, she only noticed when we were almost out the door.
    This is supposed to be a very happy and enjoyable time and shopping for a gown should be very pleasant. The 40 minutes we were there (we did leave early because it was so unpleasant) is a time that we that we all hope to forget.
    If you are pretentious, really care about designers, are obsessed with your looks and want the latest style from the most expensive designer to impress your friends, you may enjoy the place. If you are a down to earth girl, who just wants to have a good experience trying on dresses and simply wants to look the best you can and comfortable on your wedding day, this is not for you. Shame on this place for making brides to be feel uncomfortable, unconfident and making shopping for a bridal gown an unpleasant experience.

  • Mi
      21st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your experience-- I have gone to that store several times for bridesmaids dresses and have had nothing but good experiences. The people working their were so sweet and returned my calls promptly.

    Again, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your experience, but I hope other people reading this will know that yours was unique.

  • Ro
      12th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    While their dresses are great, I found them extremely pushy! I wasn't even sure I like the dress yet, and the both the owner and sales girl kept pressuring me to buy it :S I told them I wasn't ready yet. I decided to go back a 2nd time, and had a different sales girl - this one was even MORE pushier than the first! At least the first one was nice and not fake, just pushy. The 2nd girl was FAAKE and pushy!! When I was in the change room, I heard her whispering to the other girl which dress I liked more so that she could help empasize the sale! wtf as if I'm deaf! Hello, it's just a cloth curtain between us! LOL. I came out and the two girls stuck to their plan and GASPED saying how great I looked haha wtf. idiots.

  • Ca
      12th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree with the poster above. This company does nothing but mislead the customer. For my sister-in-laws wedding, they didn't have her dress ready until the night before the wedding. As for myself, I had the misfortune of buying a bridesmaid dress from this store. Again, the alterations were never done correctly as I was told everything from a "poorly fitting bra" to weight gain was causing issues with the bridesmaid dress. On top of that the other women at the store, were suffering from similar problems.

    I can't believe a company this awful can manage to stay in business!

  • Un
      17th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I totally agree with the above noted complaint. I too purchased my dress from Pearl in 2007 and although I loved my dress I was very disappointed with the customer service. First, the dress was measured by the owner, but when it came in it was actually too short for me. The owner initially blamed me, but when I ordered the dress 8 months before I had not yet purchased my shoes. The owner assured me that it would be ok to take the measurements without the shoes.(She really wanted to make the sale!) Unfortunately as you can imagine when the dress did come in and I had my shoes ready for the "first fitting" the dress was actually made too small for me. The owner initally blamed me although she was the one that measured the dress- I had to remind her serveral times that she was the "professional" in this area and not me. It took many phone calls by me to find out what was going to happen with the dress. When the dress finally came back it was two weeks before my wedding and I had to have it altered. The alterations were fine and I was very happy with the way it looked, but that was after several visits and many tears! The owner and her staff did not appoligize for the stress and inconvenience that she put me through. I was left to pick up my dress the afternoon before my wedding day. The only reason I went to Pearl was because they were the only store in the city that carried the dress that I wanted- otherwise I would have not purchased my dress there. I found the owner to be unprofessional and lacking in the skills required to manage a buisness. It also appears that her goal is really just to sell dresses, she doesn't really care about pleasing her customers and giving them adequate attention. Once the dress was purchased and ordered she didn't really seem to care about me. Her staff all appear to be her friends and don't seem to know how to fit dresses or how to provide appropriate suggestions either. I was very disappointed, I really just wanted to get my dress and never have to see that place again. I would not recommend this store to anyone and I have discouraged some of my friends from going there.

  • To
      13th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am having a very similar situatioin with them. Their service is so horrible and I am so disappointed this is my once in a lifetime experience. I wish I had researched these boards before I went. I would have NEVER gone to Pearl Bridal House. I thought it was a nice place with nice people but I was wrong. They have not answered the phone in months during business hours or returned any of my calls or emails regarding my wedding dress. I am horribly disappointed in my wedding gown experience. It's devastating.

  • Je
      15th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree that they have been extremely difficult to work with. We chose to get our bridesmaid dresses there because although expensive, the staff told us they make them fit to our measurements. So, we figured the increase in price was worth not having to get alterations. At our measurement session, they tell us what sizes they will order and when I mention what was told to us, the staff said "we never told you that". No apologies or sorry for the misunderstanding.

    We were also told that the upfront payment was 25% of the price when in actuality it was 50%. And lastly, I've received my dress which is supposed to be a size 10 which should be 39" on the bust. My dress that I got is a size 10 but only 35". So, needless to say, it doesn't fit in time for the wedding and I'll never be able to wear it. Another bridesmaid also ended up with a dress that's hem is not even all the way around.

    So, poor quality, poor staff, poor customer service... for an outrageous price.

  • Br
      17th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am thinking about purchasing my wedding dresses from pearl bridal. Now I am very nervous in doing so. But I have noticed that they have not returned any of my phone calls regarding making an appointment to come in for about 2 weeks now after I've left several phone calls. This did make me a little uncomfortable. My thoughts are - they don't even have my business yet and I"m not getting returned calls ????? I am going to have to do a lot of serious thinking. Before reading this post I actually only have good thoughts about Pearl Bridal house. Now I'm a little scared, because that is the worse thing that can happen to a bride, spending all that money to only have their dress not fit on their wedding day.

  • Mi
      14th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I acutally came across this webiste by accident and since i'm here I would like to tell my very dissapointing story about this store. My wedding took place couple years ago. I purchased my dress in November for July 2007 wedding overseas. The owner Patricia seemed really nice when i was buying the dress. Then came April, I had been calling the store asking when will the dress be in, I would like to come in for fitting, etc. They finally called me for fitting in end of May. The dress was huge. I asked why the owner ordered such big dress and she told me because of my breast size she made a decision to go bigger. I couln't believe that she wouldn't call me to confirm and she made the decision herself on $5000 dress, even though she measured me and I've decided to go with size that I felt was right for me.
    Then came in the seamstress with big scissors and took took of a big chunk of the dress under. I really didn't get why she was doing it but I assumed she knows what she's doing.
    The owner knew when i was leaving for my overseas wedding a week before the wedding. When i called couple weeks before the date and asked when i can come pick up the dress, a girl who answerd told me it will be ready day before the wedding. I had a panic, i ran to the store the next day with my husband and best friend. I asked the owner what is going on, she knew i need the dress before. She was very patronizing, while i was in tears. She told me not to worry, "it will be ready when it will be ready". i asked her that that means, and she was just plainly rude. i was crying, i went the next day, i told her i want the dress the way it is to pack it up. I took the dress to my seamstress, (lady recommened to me last minute by a friend) . The lady was an angel, she fixed it perfectly and didn't understand why the other seamstress cut out a big chunk of fabric from under the dress. She fixed that somehow as well.
    The whole experience with this store was a nightmare. I was a planning a wedding overseas and everyhting went really smoothly and I couldnt' belive that getting a dress here would be a disaster and the owner will turn out to be really rude.
    I'm so glad that even after couple years i can share this story because i wouldn't never recommend this store to anyone. This was suppose to be a really pleasant expierience and it was only up to the point when I've put a deposit on the dress. Please for the prices of these dresses, you might as well take your business somewhere where you will be treated right.

  • La
      5th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well I have to say that it is unfortunate for those who have not had a good experience. I chose to visit Pearl Bridal House because they are the only ones in the city that carry the bridal line "Princess of Boston". I am very happy to say that not only did I find my perfect wedding gown but the service and the girls who helped me were wonderful. I had left a message to make an appointment and my call was returned right away. I would definitely recommend them for any bride looking for their "perfect dress".

  • Ha
      1st of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have to disagree with the comments above! I am in the wedding business myself and recommend most of my Brides to Pearl Bridal and they have nothing but GREAT things to say about Patricia and her staff. They are professional, experienced and most importantly personable. Most brides have left Pearl Bridal not only with their DREAM DRESS but with new friends.

    Aside from the 5 bad experiences listed above, remember, they have sold MANY dresses and they are still in business so, THEY HAVE TO BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT ladies! Do not get discouraged because some brides didn't get a phone call when they expected it..i little too demanding, don't you think?

  • Up
      20th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Same experience as described above but as a bridesmaid. Terribe, terribe, rude service. My friend and I went to another seamstress 3 days before the wedding because her dress was 2 sizes to big. And they were so rude about it. It's shocking really. They were absolutely terrible. I'm getting married in next July and wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.

  • Br
      16th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree with the comments above. I bought my dress in 2007 and my dress was supposed to be ready the week of the wedding. i went in for 2 fittings. At my first fitting, the dressed was pinned by the seamstress where it needed to be taken in (June). I went back for my second fitting at the end of July - 3.5 weeks before my wedding and the pins were still in the dress! No alterations were done. I was then asked to try the dress on again to make sure it still fit before the alterations were done. I tried it on again and the pins were moved by the owner since the seamstress was not in. I was told to come back on the Monday prior to my wedding (Satruday). I tried on the dress and couldn't even zip it up. They told me, i must have gained weight...I haven't gained or lost weigh in 10 years! It was so insulting. They told me they would fix it and I would have to come back on Wednesday. I went back on Wednesday and waited for over 2.5 hours before they would even acknowledge me since they were helping to sell other dresses. I had an appointment and my wedding was in 3 days!!! of course the dress was not even in the store and work had not been done. At this point I was in tears. I got my wedding dress the day before the wedding but the experience was horrible and so stressful. These dresses cost upwards of $5, 000 so for HAF1 to comment that these brides are being too demanding is ridiculous. You can see that this is not just about 5 brides. I was not at all a bridezilla, was very polite, but the experience was so devastating. I'm glad I was able to pull myself out of it so it didn't ruin my wedding day.

  • Ne
      16th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I stumbled across this website as I was looking up Pearl Bridal House to show my soon to be sister-in-law where I got my dress. So, of course, I was curious and read ALL the comments. I just purchased my dress last weekend and I have to express how thrilled I was with the experience from the start. I was referred to this shop through a girl at work, and she was referred through another bride before that. Look, of course, sometimes unfortunate things happen where a customer will think they could've received better service or feel they deserve special attention- I've been one of those customers before as well. However, with respect to Rocky12 - it's truly unfortunate that you're using this space to express your insecurities rather than a valid complaint. Question, if you felt the girls were pushy, why would you go back a second time? Also, I find in my line of work people may also confuse "Fake" with passion and enthusiasm. I am by no means bashing anyone on a public forum, I have more tact than that, but really? calling sales girls "idiots" yikes, that's a little harsh.

    So, all i'm saying is, I bought my dress, I enjoyed my experience and I thought everyone who helped me was cool and accommodating- AND NO, I DONT WORK THERE. I'm sure everyone has their own opinion and that's understandable. To all future brides/current brides, my advice... take what negative comments you read with a grain of salt.

  • An
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Wow! This board is insanity! I bought my Priscilla of Boston dress from Pearl in November and the experience was perfect. Ok, the dress won't be coming in until the summer and I haven't had it altered but the majority of the comments above I disagree with. The staff was fantastic and courteous. They didn't limit the number of dresses I tried on (I tried around 10) or the time I had to try them. I had missed a PofB trunk sale yet they still gave me the discount on the dress. I am tall and they didn't charge me to have the dress lengthened in production. So far I have had nothing but great things to say. There is enough stress in planning a wedding, reading reviews like this do not help anyone! If you go to Pearl and have a lousy experience, don't buy your dress there and don't go back for more perceived 'abuse'! There are a hundred bridal shops to choose from and I'm sure there are horror stories that come with everyone one of them. Maybe the bottom line is that for those who had positive experiences, you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar...

  • Ju
      31st of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I too stumbled across this website when doing an online search for a friend and have to say that I am totally disheartened by some of the negative experiences people have had with Pearl Bridal House. I purchased my wedding gown, shoes, and bridesmaid dresses there (for a Spring 2008 wedding) and I still to this day think about the experience I had. Patricia and her team were nothing but true professionals when it came to dealing with myself and my girls. I never had any issues with them and always found them to be polite. Unfortunately, I think a lot of brides-to-be want to be coddled and catered too, and when they're not, they take it personally and lash out in public forum such as this.

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