Peak Installations through Home Depot / door purchase/installation

Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Well if you have an hour to read this... Where do I start? Purchased the door in june 2014. It was installed a few months later. The next day I was looking at my beautiful new door only to see the glass decorative sidelite was installed backwards!! I quickly called peak installations and I was told to take a picture and email it to them. Are you freakin kidding me?? I spent $6, 500 and you can't send someone out?? Within a few days the actual installer called me. His exact words were "some people actually like the sidelite installed in the reverse"... Seriously? Why would I pay money to have a decorative piece which no one can see from the outside since its facing interior? Then weeks went by... No calls from peak. I called them only to hear the annoying "project manager" say she was just about to call me. She proceeded to tell me she'll send out a technician to simply flip the sidelite so it's in the right way. Huh... The technician came out after a month only to see that the sidelite cannot be flipped as it is built as one entire unit and now the entire thing will have to be ripped out and replaced. If peak actually knew the products they install shouldn't they have known that this door is a complete unit? Instead they wasted my time and had me chase them down. Well it doesn't end there... The next door that came was installed so poorly by some other sub contract company. There was silicone seeping around the trims it was horrible! Total amature workmanship! Weeks later one of the plugs that cover the screw hole came off. So I called peak again. The lovely receptionist there said she would have a technician come out and fix it. Again weeks went by and nothing! So I call again and the lovely receptionist (I'm being polite) said in her oh so famous words "I was just about to call you". Next day tech came while I was at work. When I got home I was so angry with the so called "fix". The tech covered the screw hole but with a completely different colour! I called to speak with the tech and he said well I didn't have the exact colour so that's all I had! Ok so a couple months go by and my husband noticed that moisture and condensation are inside the glass decorative sidelite. So again I call peake, the nasty receptionist advised me to take photos again. I take the bloody photos and send them. After weeks she tells me the door needs to be replaced again! So now this will be my third door in less than one the meantime I get this random phone call from this handyman telling me he was contacted by peak to fix my problem? I explain to him that there is nothing to fix since the entire door unit will be replaced. He insisted on coming to my home to see the door. When rob came he briefly inspected the door but I could tell he had no idea of what he as looking at. He was more concerned about trying to sell me on his many handyman skills. Then rob disappeared... He was replaced by yet another subcontracted installer. So finally in july of 2015 my door was ripped out again. The last installer (All wood) did an amazing job I must say. But my problem now is peak only ordered me a new unit but kept the existing door. So now I have 2 different colours since the door was not made at the same time as the sidelite. I contacted peak and they basically said too bad deal with the warranty. She actually said that I am to call masonite warranty! I cannot believe that after everything this company has put me through and the amount of money that I have spent this is the type of customer service I get! If you are considering purchasing a new door please take my advice and do not go through home depot. You are better off going to an actual door company that doesn't sub contract out! I am truly disappointed as I have scrimped and saved to buy this door only to feel screwed over and unhappy with the end result. Take it from me beware of peak installations!

Dec 04, 2015

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