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Peak fitness Chapel hill NC / they are the worst company to work for

1 NC, United States Review updated:

I worked for Peak Fitness they are the worst to work for.
I had a meeting with the GM then few hrs later he said Corporate called saying due to the Economy he had to cut back and he has to do away with several positions but yet he went on to say that when the economy gets better i will be the first one he calls back i say BS he can keep the job i busted my butt for them and this is thanks i get i will go else where and work. so i lost my job but yet all the day before and this same day in question he was hiring people he was picking and chosing who to keep and who not to keep. you cannot even talk to this GM without him taking your head off he treats members the exact sameway unless your a very close friend i say peak needs to get rid of this GM and hire someone who actually knows what he's doing and cares about how the company is run cause this GM does not.
you dont get any breaks either but he makes sure him and certain ones do though. Corporate needs to walk in there one day without them knowing they are coming.
so yes i agree with what everyone has said about peak think long and hard before joining this club.

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  • Li
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    Whoever you are, I'm glad you don't still work for our company. Your complaints, whether they're valid or not, pertain to a manager. So how can you, ethically say that Peak Fitness is a terrible company. Is Wachovia, Bank of America, Goodyear, or many of the other companies feeling the strain of the economy terrible companies for having to make cut backs? I'm sure you'd say no, but b/c you lost your job Peak is a terrible company to work for, hunh. Pretty backwards thinking, I believe. In fact, when we had to make our cut backs, and yes I'm a manager with Peak in another city, we were given the choice of a certain number of employees that we'd be able to keep. So, apparently you didn't do as much as you make it out to sound or else whoever that manager is they wouldn't have let you go. But, regardless of that, a manager that you didn't get along with or like does not constitute a bad company. If they were as bad as you say, it wouldn't be a secret to our home office and we would have already let that person go. So, time for you to grow up and accept responsibility for your own actions, or my guess, lack of action which led to your dismissal. I've been with Peak for 6 years, and I consider them a great company to work for. Lazy salespeople, who make excuses and then bad mouth the company for why they didn't succeed, are the ones who give us a bad name.

  • Re
      8th of May, 2009
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    to libraplaya23,
    I was wondering first of all, if you're still employed and also wondering if your opinion of peak Fitness is still the same. I realize that a bad manager a multitude of problems with a multitude of managers at a number of clubs kinda does constitute a bad company. I think any ### could gather that much about peak Fitness at this point. So, are you intelligent enough to realize that you may have been a little harsh, with the comments about "lack of action" and "accepting responsibility", or are you the same as some of the other peak Fitness managers? Peak Fitness is probably one of the few businesses that may be the perfect definition of bad business. The attorney general knows it, about 200 creditors know it, most of the members are realizing it, one by one and now the public in general knows it.

  • Re
      8th of May, 2009
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    no, i think the OP is right. I know the manager at Elliot road. He's an ###.

  • Cr
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    I cannot agree more with "He's an ###" comment.
    I've never seen a guy with that much attitude to customers.
    His gym closed down. Now he's working at the durham club. not as a GM.
    Hah I suppose that's what he gets for being an ###!

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