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I have been paying my car loan for several years now. I started when they were Flat Iron Financial. I just found out that my June payment went through but my July payment was returned and the next one is due in a couple of weeks. I am really worried about getting my car repo'd. I only have the one car and I have 3 kids. I don't even live on a bus line so I would be srewed. If anyone is planning a class action law suit please message me with the details I would really like to get in on that. These people are crazy, what kind of business closes their doors with no explanation as to where to send the payments from that point on. I know the lien holder is going to want their money soon and we don't even know who to send it to. It would be great if they are jsut going to give all of us the sras we have with no more payments but non of us are that lucky.

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  • An
      6th of Aug, 2009

    contact the place where you got the car! let them know!

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  • De
      10th of Aug, 2009

    I have had automatic payments with Peak 5, then Flat Iron through my bank. Never missed a payment now all of a sudden no billing statements and no attempts to claim the money from the bank. I need help. Repo is not something I can do right now. I have NEVER been a day late. No letter, no answer on their phones. Who do I call? How do I proceed. The place where I got my car is baffled. I don't know anyone else who has ever experienced this problem. What kind of place goes out of business with no forwarding information. How would you get title to the car?

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  • Di
      12th of Aug, 2009

    I agree. I am amazed their is no way to contact someone responsible for this company. Why isn't the Attorney General of Texas involved?

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  • Mi
      17th of Aug, 2009

    Peak 5 has also taken my June payment out of my bank thru an ACH withdrawl. Now I have received letters and phone calls from another lender called SST stating they have now taken over the Peak 5 business but expect me to again pay the June payment because Peak 5 did not transfer any records showing my June payment posted. So as of now I am past due. This new company has been a total nighmare for me. I'm not so sure were in better hands. I too am now in fear of getting my truck repo'd. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Coming up with an extra truck payment just to settle the new financial SST records is not my fault. I've done my part in paying monthly for the past 2 years without fail. If anyone needs SST information here's the phone number 800-789-8001.

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  • Mo
      25th of Aug, 2009

    Oh my I didn't know this was going on! I was just looking over my bank statement online and it said that this months payment was returned from them. I called the 877 number of theirs and it didn't work. So I decided to google it and got this website. UGH! What now??

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  • An
      17th of Mar, 2010

    what happened with this?!?!?!?!

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