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This so called company is corrupt! They have changed their corporation name so many times it is unbelievable. I have tried to contact them several times to pay my bill as I can no longer go online as it is gone! I am afraid to pay by mail as they will just say they didn't receive it as they have done previously. In all the years I have dealth with Peak 5, Flat Iron, Centrix, I have only come across two people who spoke in a professional manner. Everyone else is completely rude and lie. I have had to be late just a few times due to disability from surgery or job lay off. I always paid them plus interest, fees. They never note their system notes when I have called to let them know I would be delayed a week or so with a payment. When I called to make it they stated they do not show that conversation. Two years ago when my ex- father-in-law passed away and was on my way to his funeral with my son, they called my cell phone (I will never give any business my cell # again) demanding payment as I was a week late, threatening me. I explained that I had already called them previously stating I would pay that Friday but the man wanted to argue as if I wasn't upset enough. I let him know that we were on the way to a family funeral and he ignored me. It was just too much! My son who is so wonderful, pulled over and made the payment with his credit card. I was so embarrassed on top of everything else. I absolutely detest them. When you call everyone is rude...rude...rude. I have been in the credit/collection business for thirty years and would never think of treating customers like this. Yes they are entitled to what is due them but should not be able to get away with improper customer service and hopefully go completely out of of business for good. Their interest rates are sky high and the $10.00 fee for phone/internet processing is ridiculous. I am worried about the interest fees building and affecting my credit rating. Has anyone found out how to make their payments? I only have about four car payments left and want them out of my life.. this is a nightmare.

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      Oct 09, 2009

    I have called this so called company and there s no info no contact where are my receipts for the payments i made i usually recieve them in the mail and for some time now i have not recieved anything where is my money? I can't even get a title for my car this is wrong this company is so corrupt centrix, flatiron and whatever there name is now this is my credit and I will surely sue them if I could find them someone out there please help.

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  • Al
      Nov 17, 2009

    I have also had trouble with Peak 5. I paid my car off in June of this year. I talked to someone at Peak 5 to get the pay off amount, and was told that as soon as my check cleared the bank that in 30 days they would send the title for the car to me. The check cleared July 2, 2009 and as of November 17, 2009 I STILL do not have the title. I have called the number on the past billings and receive a message saying "this phone number is temporarly out of order." I called information and received a new number and now every time I call that number, it is busy. What can I do to get the title to my car?

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