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PeachDirect / lies, cheats, Corrupt compnay

1 Dunnellon, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 352-465-9305

I recieved an order for Dell computer on October 17 ,2007 the following evening I tried unsucessfully to load computer with on phone help from server, I immeduately contacted Dell, we reloaded several times to no avial they Knew this computer on shelf had corrupt files. I contacted Peachdirect , the only way for credit Or so told was to return to Peachdirect.Today is December ,14,2007 I am still waiting for Peach direct to send appropiate labels so I will be credited.I in the precence have a bill to pay, Which Ge wont credit until 120 daYS after Peach credits Me, Hmm we are already two months along & looking at what 4 more, thats one half a year to pay for something I do not have to use.I have been told many many lires of quite intresting story tale fibs from peachh direct reps & supervisios ,also according to the corrporate office I would have labels before thanksgiving & Christmas is a skip away. The mailbox for the woman Marie whom returned my call after 2 weeks leaving daily messages is now conviently full daily,I am so disgusted with them I think I will seriously look into a suit against them because Hell they already have over 15 hours my time what a few more in front of the law. There is NO 100 Perfcent sastification as this is A seriously fraudelent company that needs to be shut down or orginized by higher ups. I not only will complaine with better bussines but the fraud dept. H.shimmelpfennig

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  • Dk
      27th of Mar, 2007
    PeachDirect - PeachDirect committed to resolving issues and regain customer's trust
    United States

    To all valued customers:

    My name is D. Kim, a Customer Care Specialist in the Corporate Office at I am aware that we have had some issues in the past with delays in shipping our products that may have caused some of you to question our integrity. Please know that we value each and every one of our clients, which is why we have been working very hard to resolve all previous issues and are committed to regaining the trust and confidence of our customers.

    Should you have any unresolved issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me right away. My direct email is: [protected] I look forward to the opportunity of improving your experience with


    D. Kim
    Customer Care Department
    Corporate Headquarters

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  • Ba
      5th of Apr, 2007
    PeachDirect - Peach Direct is just peachy with me!
    United States

    Peach Direct helped me get a computer for my son at a great price. I like Peach Direct -- I had heard about them many times, and am glad I finally ordered from them.

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  • El
      6th of Apr, 2007

    I am a happy customer

    My jewelry showed up, on time and in great shape. I would order from PeachDirect again.

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  • Fr
      9th of Apr, 2007

    Yeah, it was a bit annoying to wait four weeks and pay outrageous shipping costs for 3 small products, but I got the order as advertised. Cant complain here.

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  • Se
      27th of Jul, 2007
    PeachDirect - No customer service!
    United States

    I just wanted to share my experiance with Peachdirect. I orderd a 42" Plasma TV. I did receive the delivery within two weeks from placing my order. My problem with Peachdirect is total lack of customer service. The 1-866 # for customer service just plays music and nobody ever answers the line. You don't even get an announcement that you have dialed Peachdirect. When I checked my order status online, it showed that it shipped three days later with a tracking # with a link to Fedexe. Fedexe shows no activity for this tracking #. It was a good things that I found these comments on this board and found out that peachdirect was using Pilot Air freight for the shipment of large TV's. I emailed customer service many times for the status of my order and also emailed D Kim and all the other customer service reps I could find who posted messages on the net and did not get a single reply from anyone. I did not even get an automated email thanking me for my order. I would use extreme caution dealing with Peachdirect because if you have an issue to be resolved. There is no one around to help you.

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  • Ma
      16th of Aug, 2007
    PeachDirect - Poor service!
    United States

    I have seen letters here about DKim helping people.Try to contact him 1month after he helps you.

    He does that and hints at the complaints so you can come in and say he did good. Gives you his number and tells you he will help you. Then,his phone is disconnected and he won't answer your e mails. Google Peach Direct, you'll find nothing but problems for a long time. Anyone who had written a good comment has gotten something from DKim for it, including me. Obviously they have a pattern. You we're contacted by them because of your low credit rating. They take advantage of that. GE charges 16.00 for a payment over the phone and when you pay online you get loads of spam. Notice when you e mail DKim all the spam you get. They are no doubt selling your information. Any company who truly cared about their customers would not do that or have so many complaints. If you mail your payment, they can say they didn't get your payment and charge you late fees and even overlimit fees and here you go again getting over you head. Read all the issues before you deal with them.

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  • Ar
      8th of Sep, 2007
    PeachDirect - Overcharge of iPod
    United States

    I purchase an ipod #15485 (black)at $199. On 11/5/06 i didnt receive an ipod until 12/18/06 which was totally a different model silver #15922 which was for $149 when i called to complain and ask for my $50 credit they stated i had to call gemoney bank for credit they send me forms to fill out twice which i mailed back for credit to be placed on account i spoke with amanda peachdirect she said it would be on next bill it never did i wrote letter and i was send a response from a jmarie loof svp operations stating it cost $199 i continue calling every month when i get my bill they say a different story i talk with supervisor it will be posted next bill to this date nothing. I additionally bought the same one from them for my daughter in december because it was nice her silver one they charge $149 i have purchase different products from them shouldn't they know the items they ship out by their serial numbers also i have protection for the ipods and also register them through apple website. $50 dollars to me is a lot because i work and depend on my paycheck to maintain my family. Every time i call it is always it will be on next bill. I got overcharged $50 for ipod. They still haven't given me credit to my account. They lie each time.

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  • Te
      29th of Oct, 2007

    Why are your shipping charges so ridiculously high? I considered ordering two PSP's and the shipping was $29.00 each? I don't think I'll be using this card.

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  • Ch
      5th of Dec, 2007

    i order something from peach direct after reading some of the comments that a lot of people had to i think that you can't please all the people all the time.but i'm one of the people that they pleased with my was on time an in great condition it really was sooner than i problem with customer service an i have had to deal with some crazy customer service.

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  • Do
      8th of Jan, 2008

    I fully agree with the previous complaint. Actually the only nice thing I can find to say about Peach direct, is the fact that DKim works for them. Whoever he is, and I am not 100% sure he actually exists!!!!

    If I hear anyone mention the name Peach direct, I will tell them to run as fast as they can in the opposite direction!!!! They are a bunch of con artists, scammers , and liars. And it is my opinion that they train their so called supervisors to act accordingly.

    It has been almost 6 months since my initial dealings with Peachdirect, and as of today I still do not have my situation settled, but I am getting ready to send an e-mail to dkim, and hopefully whoever he is will get it taken care of.

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  • Ni
      4th of Feb, 2008

    I have had great service with peach diect. As far as shipping goes,it is expensive to ship even at the post ofiice now . Alot of companies shipping seems high. They have been good to us so far. So sorry you had a prroblem . im sure they are working hard to fix it..keep calling them.

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  • Ch
      28th of Feb, 2008
    PeachDirect - No customer service!
    United States


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  • Ka
      5th of Sep, 2008

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