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PDL Assistance / Unauthorized charges

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I paid this company the start-up fee of $200 to consolidate some payday loans I had out. Originally I was told was I just had to pay the monthly fee of $152 per month and they would take care of the rest. I followed all their steps, tried to close my bank account, but your account automatically reopens if you have ACH debits (which is what these companies do). I continually called PDL Assistance to see where they were in contacting these companies. The first time, the woman asked me for the names and phone numbers of each company. What had been happening is that I contacted each payday loan company and gave them the phone # to PDL Assistance (as directed) and told them they would be handling my account from there on out. These companies said they would not contact anyone but myself, and that I needed to tell (PDL Assistance) to call the loan companies. So I told PDL Assistance to call them. They said they would and never did. I called PDL Assistance for a status check, and the next person told me that I had to wait until 2 payments were made, to show $ was collecting in the account before their people would contact any of the vendors. I've made my two payments and just called for a status check. This woman just told me that they couldn't do anything to get the vendors to stop debiting my account. I said 'Aren't you supposed to be consolidating the debt and setting up payment arrangements?' I never really got a full answer back. I told her I wanted the money I had paid them refunded since they hadn't done one thing to help me, and she said someone would contact me in two days, but I might not get a refund. We'll see what happens. If I don't get a full refund, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and any other company I can.

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  7th of Apr, 2009
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Robin, don't despair - PDL Assistance does work. I just completed the program; it does take time. I just had my first account settled and it's been about 8 to 10 months - but I haven't been getting the collection calls in the meantime. They are still negotiating my accounts, but since I've completed the program, now they have the $$ to make a deal with my creditors.

The first thing I did was to close my bank account, as PDL Assistance instructed. Fortunately the bank was very cooperative; go in person, TALK TO THE MANAGER DIRECTLY and don't be embarrassed to explain your situation. They're very likely to understand & cooperate.

Just keep in mind PDL is waiting for the funds in your account to build up first in order to have $$ with which to negotiate a settlement with your creditors. They can't settle an account after just 1 payment to them. This takes time and is nerve wracking, but it will work. Also keep in mind - the creditors are waiting for the funds to build up too, so that they can get the most $$ possible when they negotiate with PDL. They know they won't get much if they're willing to settle right now, when your new account hasn't had the time for funds to build up yet. Once PDL has contacted them and sent the paperwork you should find that the calls will stop. Follow the instructions on sending creditors the letters for validation of debt and to cease & desist from collection.

If you wait it out, it will be resolved and it will work.

  2nd of May, 2009
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I also used PDL assistance, the information that was given on the prev. post is correct. I have used their service since Oct 2008 and have only made payments of 150.00 per month. One of the lenders has just drafted a new account that was opened with my credit union for only one month. I have no idea how they were able to do this. I never gave this lender my account information and I had closed the account that was prev. used to fund them. I closed the old account and even switched banks. I did not like the bank I used so I came back to the credit union. Now I have to see if the credit union will dispute this for me. I will also have to wait for an explanation since PDL Assist told me that these companies could not even garnish my wages or anything. What I found out was that they can and they have tried to contact my HR department to do so. Unfortunately, my last name is different at my job so they have been unsuccessful.

  2nd of May, 2009
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First of all I work for PDL Assistance and what Robin states is incorrect. We tell you upfront that you have to discontinue payments with these internet lenders and put them in a position to where they have to work with a debt settlement company. Secondly, we cannot contact these lenders and tell them not to debit your account, you cant even call and tell them not to debit your account and they not do it. Use a little common sense, you give these creditors your banking info which gives them free reign over your acct, think about it. So the only way to stop that is to close the account as ADVISED or talk to YOUR BANK and see what they will do for you to protect your money. If they want do anything for you then I suggest you change to a bank that has your best interest in mine.

  2nd of May, 2009
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About the refund as Robin stated...You should always read your contract carefully not just with PDL Assistance but with anyone. Not only that we go over the contract with the clients and it states that " YOU HAVE 3 DAYS TO CANCEL AND YOU WOULD NOT BE OBLIGATED TO THE PROGRAM, ANYTHING PAID AFTER 3 DAYS IS NON-REFUNDABLE. The program will not work if you dont follow the proper procedures. Its easy to get into debt but takes times and effort to get out of. Thanks goes out to the previous bloggers that are currently in the program or have completed the program.

  17th of May, 2009
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My wife and I enrolled with PDL in January and each had to pay a $150 enrollment fee. We were set up for $258 and followed the PDL instructions to the letter. Four months into the program and still receiving numerous daily from calls from the loan companies we called PDL Assistance and were told they had no contact with the companies, but were calling them. I spoke with the companies and was told that PDL Assistance had not contacted them at all. Month after month my PDL repayment bank account had kept showing a balance of $0 due to customer fees, bank fees and maintenance fees. We were building up no money at all to repay the loan companies and now we are out over $1000 and cannot recover that money from PDL assistance.
While the program may work for some. We got screwed. Now we are working with the lendors directly and are able to repay the loans and get all the interest and fees taken away. You know; what PDL Assistance was supposed to do for us in the first place, but wanted to get all their money up front first.
Be wise and work directly with your lendors. You have the ability to do the same thing they claim they will do for you and you will not have to pay PDL Assistance and exhorbitant amount of "fees".

  29th of May, 2009
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I had a similarly bad experience with PDL Assistance. I kept getting calls. One collector told me flat out that they won't ever work with PDL Assistance because PDL never returned their calls or made them any offers. She said they will only work with Langhorne Debt Solutions or CCCS because those were the only third parties that had any kind of track record of getting them paid. I made my own deal with her just to get them to stop calling and then quit PDL. I did call Langhorne and was happy to hear that they wanted me to open my own bank account at a local bank instead of that Global rip-off that PDL uses. But I've already spent so much money with PDL that I can't afford to start over paying their fees too. So I'm going to try CCCS since they are a non-profit and see what they can do for me.

  31st of May, 2009
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Wow, I wish I could make up my mind, I almost did Langhorne a few months ago and then cancelled, took out more loans, now I have to pay 1600 a month in finance charges!

If you pay down on your loans you can reduce the interest and eventually pay them off... however now it will take me forever to pay all of them back... too scared to get into one of these deals...

  3rd of Jun, 2009
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Consider filing a complaint with the Alabama Attorney General's office.

  3rd of Jun, 2009
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I am scheduled to have 2 more of my accounts paid this Fri. thru PDL Assistance. This will make a total of 4 out of 10 pdl's paid off. In addition, the remaining 6 have been negotiated and are scheduled to be paid June 30, the end of this month.

For me, PDL Assistance has been a lifesaver. I am sorry it hasn't worked out for some and don't understand why it hasn't, if you follow the steps. NOTE: The original lender CAN still call you (I still get calls from Ameriloan, even though this account has been negotiated and is scheduled to be paid this month) but collection agencies have NOT been calling me once I sent the cease & desist letter, per PDL Assistance's instructions.

It has taken a year, but in the meantime I have NOT been getting the harassing calls I would have gotten otherwise. It is true you can do this yourself and it probably would have taken about the same length of time. You could save $$ on fees - UNLESS you don't negotiate as low a settlement as PDL Assistance would. And unless you have nerves of steel, you'd probably end up settling for a higher amount to pay off your loan to stop the calls. And some of the illegal internet payday loan co.'s would still profit because they'd still get paid over and above the principal amount of the loan.

I also found it unnerving not knowing what scare tactics are real and what are bogus, or just bluffing, when I got initial calls from collection agencies.

  12th of Apr, 2010
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I tried pdl assistance and got served with small claims papers from approved cash advance and actually am still having my check garnished from closing my checking account and not responding to that companys phone calls. I dont what i was told and two of my payday accounts have settled but three have not. I wouldnt recommend pdl assistance to anyone. I wish now I had just tried to work something out with the lenders myself and not ignored them and told them to contact pdl assistance because now im worred the other three will file suit on me also

  15th of Sep, 2010
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I disagree. PDL Assistance does not work. It is still a bill that you have every month, and if you are struggling anyway to pay any bills, you should just file bankruptcy. I was forced to file for bankruptcy and contacted PDL to cancel my account. Was then informed when speaking to the person that handles cancellation that basically anything you have paid in is non-refundable. This is a rip off. Better off filing bankruptcy on your payday loans instead of using this service. You are paying for their service and not getting anything in return.

  2nd of Mar, 2011
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I just got off the phone with PDL Assistance. I was so excited when I signed up for their help back in July 2010 that I had found a company to help me get out of the pay day loan trap I had gotten myself into. I followed all of the rules of the program and paid faithfully my $119 every other week. Now I am being told that they only paid one of my three loans, a debt for $390 when I signed up was settled for $214. There are still two loans outstanding one which was $390 when I signed up and is now over $500, and another that was $1319 and is now over $4000. The call today was to let me know that of the $1747 I paid in total they want to know if I want the remaining $420 back so I can deal with my other two creditors myself. Otherwise they will continue to charge me the $29.95 per month and see if they can get through to the creditors. I called the larger creditor and was told they have only heard from PDL one time and that was on 2/22/11 when they faxed a settlement proposal offering $461.72 on a now $4000 debt. They have taken $843 from me that I could have used to pay my creditors but now I'm just out that money and instead of them helping me they say "don't worry about them because they are internet loans and they cant sue you or garnish your wages"...Oh so I'm supposed to just jip them and hope that you aren't lying to me now like you did when I signed up for this program?! THOSE OF US WHO HAVE BEEN SCREWED BY PDL ASSISTANCE NEED TO FIGHT BACK...ITS TIME FOR A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!! ANY TAKERS, PLEASE EMAIL AT!!!

  29th of Jun, 2011
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I am also a victim to PDL, namely Everest Cash Advanced, ZCN, etc..., probably to many to list. After reading these forums, I am not going to pay them a dime anymore. I took out a 400$ loan, 60$ financing fee. The rest was never explaianed. The first deduction was made on the friday of the week I received the loan. So I of course was under the impression that was how they would do it every week. I called 1 month later to find out my owed balance, and they told me that I still owed the 460$, there is a phrase for this, Criminal Loan Sharking. You can probably understand the anger that I felt, I would have never accepted if I knew that was the case. I have closed my bank account, sent them an E-mail with options Media Exposure, with authoritative notification, or call it a wash. We all accepted these loans, under pressure, and in grave need of funding, kicked while we were down, and got spat in the faces. This is my way of fighting back, I cannot let this happen to me, or anyone I know again. As far as i am concerned the owed balance will never get paid, If we all do the same, spread the word, contact all media outlets. This method will surely catch the attention of the people that are supposed to be protecting us, and put them out of business, or make them correct the predatory practices if they want to stay in business.

  26th of Feb, 2013
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i got caught in PDL assistance before, they always calling me on my job, i told not to.
but i found help to a consolidation company(Be Free Financial) they helped me deal with aggressive loan lenders and collection agencies on my behalf and prevent further harassment, if you need help call this numbers 209-217-0373

  1st of Nov, 2013
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Just so everyone knows, Payday Loan Assistance and Payday Loan Debt Assistance are two different companies. The former is based in Alabama and the latter is based in Miami. I believe that Payday Loan Debt Assistance was sued for unlawful practices with their client's money. Please be more clear about which one you are speaking of.

  1st of Apr, 2014
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PayDay Loan Debt Assistance is a Scam!! Do not use them!!

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