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PCCTI / disorganization

1 Oakbrook Terrace, IL, United States
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I totally agree with all of the negative comments that were made here. I am a current student and I am so upset that I did not take in to consideration all of the complaints that were posted. First off no one pays all of the money that you have to pay to attend the school to "not want it" or play the "blame game" which is a script that only their current employees use. The set up is for failure. Example 1 we came in on a class where there was a totally different curriculum than the previous classes, HOWEVER the teacher did not even have the correct book until the 2nd week of class. We were given a syllabus that was wrong that we actually followed for 6 weeks into the program even though we informed them of the discrepancies immediately. There resources has a lot of conflicting information medically from one source to another (Foundations to ATI) an when you ask for clarification no one person gives you the same answer. The testing is rigorous but I am sure that more students would be able to pass if they were properly prepared for the exams. On top of the fact that they do not let you see what you get wrong so you will undoubtedly get it similar problems wrong ongoing as you have no way of knowing your areas of weakness. When you challenge that their automatic response is that students are "playing the blame game" or they don't sacrifice enough. That is rubbish no one person can tell another person how to study or learn they can only give advice but ultimately everyone learns in a different way. No one instructor seems to know what the other instructor is doing but they try to compensate as much as possible to cover up the RIDICULOUS way that the school functions. My take is that they assume that since the classes are not transferable that this is students last stop and they will be forced to retake as they will not want to start completely over anywhere else WELL THAT IS WHERE THEY ARE WRONG HERE! I assure you that I will not pay someone TWICE FOR WHAT THEY COULD NOT DO RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, NOR WILL I JUST STOP AT DISAPPOINTMENT. What they fail to realize is that this is not EVERYONES LAST HOPE and I will be following up with the appropriate parties to ensure they look into this program. They are always pushing a 100% pass rate but the part that PCCTI leaves out is their ENROLLMENT TO PASS RATE. One of the classes before ours started with 32 students and are now at 7 so how does that add up to 100%. Until they post their true enrollment to pass rate they surely should not brag on their pass rate because as man people that sacrifice to attend this school there is no way that they have that type of turnover that is a reflection of the student. They always want to use Natisha as a scare tactic if there is a problem well I would like to see her credentials because whatever the case may be they are clearly not in nursing as that entire establishment is ran as if they conducted a job fair at any bait and tackle shop and told the staff they they would move into an office position. They are a total waste of money or time. I won't blame the instructors as they are working their and have to do what they have to do to keep their employment but ultimately the owners are a scam. I will be drafting a letter to all local facilities in regards to they type quality they are letting in. It is not a fault of the student that they are not being taught the proper way to nurse "attitude reflects leadership". I will not only post these comments in order to help the next person to not make the same mistake but encourage them to know education did not start in PCCTI and it will not end in PCCTI and accelerated is not always better and this is the most expensive lesson I have ever learned. Even in passing I would not recommend it. Do your research on places like this they allow consumers to express themselves for a reason and EVERYONE CAN'T TELL THE SAME "LIE"! A person has nothing to gain for given a negative review and it screams volumes that someone that actually passed on to the last level had a negative comment as well. Please go read the comment by the user "tryingtomakeitout".

Jul 13, 2015

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