PCCare247 Computer Protection / Monies sent for service performed to be refunded - never refunded

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I was contacted re: cleaning my computer since it had been hacked. They represented PCCare247. This was February 18, 2012. They cleaned up my computer and ask that I send the $599.95 payment that would be refunded in 48 hours to them thru Western Union. I did that. Then they called 2 days later and said that the payment went into a suspended account due to the name being spelled incorrectly and I had to resend the same payment to another name...I did. They tried to collect from me again and I said no, I wanted my refunded money to be sent back to me. They said they would check into their customer service and get back to me. Nothing happened in 3 weeks time.
I finally called them PCCare 247 on 4/2/12 and was told I'd be contacted within 24 hours, which I was just called 4/3/12 and given a request number to research my refund claims. 2 payments of $599.95 each made 2/18/12 to Amit Jamesh and 2/22/12 to Saurav Sachdeva both in New Delhi, India thru Western Union. He said his name was Yogi and he would call me back in the next couple of hours. He just called me back to let me know that there was only my initial fee made last year for the 3 year protection service on my computers and no other names, numbers, fees have been reported to their company since that time. Thus, I will report back to Western Union to see who showed their I. D.'s in collecting my monies and go from there. Yogi is checking with his organization to see who is using their company to scam their customers.
Any chance I can get my monies back? I already changed all of my passwords, etc.
Patty Colmer, Citrus Heights, California, USA

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